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Whatever your opinion is of Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina, there’s no denying that she’s not backing down after getting a good amount of poor press for some (a lot) of racy photos she’s posted online.

The picture above is a from an interview and photoshoot she did for Complex magazine, where she had some interesting things to say about who she is and her lifestyle. There’s a video that accompanies it all on the website which I would love to post here, if she weren’t dumping water and ice all over herself in slow-motion.

Yeah, seriously. /loses all male readers immediately

(Tangent – have you ever seen the SNL skit “The Californians?” It’s at the bottom of the post, for those of you who haven’t. They must owe her royalties for basing the entire skit on her. …Or maybe she owes The Hills royalties? I’m not exactly sure.)

Here’s a few choice quotes from the aspiring singer, which is apparently a thing she is.

From Complex:

As the daughter of “The Great One,” do you feel like you live in his shadow?

By no means. My dad’s accomplishments are completely different than everything I’ve done with my life and the career path I want to take. What he’s done has only been inspirational for me.

Did it bother you that people have focused more on the Twitter and Instagram pictures and the TMZ video than your singing?

The only reason people are paying attention to that is because of my father. I don’t think they’d care if I was anybody else. I’m a normal 23-year-old. I know attention is part of the career I’ve chosen, but I wish I was presented in a different light. The rumor that my dad made me shut down my Twitter account is completely false. I want people to see that I’m intelligent. I’m not a bimbo. I have an 8-year-old sister. The only thing I want to do is be a role model. I’m not trying to say, “You should follow me, all you girls,” but I want my little sister to respect me and see how much I’ve accomplished. It’s hurtful when this older generation of people that doesn’t really understand me or take the time to get to know me trashes me.

Solid role modelling, so far.

The outfit in the TMZ video was crazy though.

I did it to myself that time. I always think I should dress like myself and represent who I am, but I had something in the back of my head telling me that maybe it was not a good idea to wear that outfit to dinner that night. Of course, the next day TMZ said that I was going to nightclubs in lingerie. I wasn’t. I was at a restaurant eating dinner with friends. That’s my biggest problem with it, that people are lying about what I’m doing. But I should have been more aware. I understand that. I just never had to censor myself before.

I don’t know if she can sing or not, but either way the bookies are all laying 1/5 odds that she ends up with a reality TV show.

If you’d like more, check out the following SNL skit, then click the video and the end of her full interview with Complex. It’s uncanny.

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  1. “Yeah, seriously. /loses all male readers immediately”

    You mean 90% of the male readers and 10% of the female readers!

  2. Hey, at least I finished reading before I clicked over to see what the fuss was all about. I hate to say it but while the TMZ outfit is racy it’s hardly lingerie…the only thing I can see that really stands out is the seams on her stockings. It’s a tank top, tight shorts, stockings and heels…what’s the big deal?

  3. “The only reason people are paying attention to that is because of my father. I don’t think they’d care if I was anybody else. I’m a normal 23-year-old.”

    She does not really believe that is the only reason…right? Three reasons why people are paying attention:
    1. She is Wayne Gretzky’s daughter.
    2. She is very attractive.
    3. She posts a significant number of photos that most people would consider racy.

    Take away any one of those, and there is no way she gets the same amount of attention. If she was 200+lbs no one would care. If she is a normal looking 23 year old by California standards then I need to move.

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