I seriously don’t know what to say.

Today I got an email that simply said “Ya’ll tell Shea to suck on this ditty!”, with the sign-off “-Curly.” The email address is from one “Curly Clump.”

Now, before you listen to this song – IT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I was torn about running it or not, because the language is just so, so terrible, but in the end, it was just too entertaining to not post.


It’s called “Hey, ‘Ol Shea,” and it’s a fine piece of country music. Apparently not everyone in Smashville was impressed with Shea signing an offer sheet somewhere else.

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  1. As a preds season ticket holder, umm….that’s embarrassing!!!

  2. Only in Nashville do fans think they shouldn’t have to pay a superstar for what they’re worth. Everyone should be nice to them and only have to sign for insulting offers like 4.5 million a year.

    • That anybody would find $4.5 million insulting is the very heart of what is wrong with pro sports.

  3. Too bad this guy didn’t start some kind of fan petition to try to keep Polie from matching the offer sheet – that really would have taught Weber a lesson. What a schmuck.

    • What makes you think Weber would even have been aware of such a petition, let alone learn a lesson from it. He signed a contract that paid him what he is worth. Cry about it more, you’ve got an OUTSTANDING defenseman for 14 years… or until the Preds move to Seattle.

      • Obviously you don’t understand sarcasm. My point was if he’s so pissed off at Weber then he should have found a way to rally the fans to convince Polie not to match the deal so he wouldn’t have a guy he so clearly despises on his team.

      • Preds aren’t going anywhere.

  4. Hysterical! THANK YOU for deciding to post this. :)

    The weird post-offer sheet euphoria/shock is wearing off in Nashville and I think it’s starting to sink in with the fanbase that he came dangerously close to being a Flyer, all because of paydirt. Doubts, much?

  5. so wait there is actually a fan that cares about Shea?

  6. I’m confused by the hate about Webber signing the offer sheet. That pretty much limits him to whatever team he signed with, or the Predators. If he really wanted out of Nashville wouldn’t he have just signed a one year deal and then skipped town when he was a UFA?

    Joe Sakic did this (signed a Ranger offer sheet) and no one in Colorado seems to hold it against him. Why the hate for Weber?

    • In fairness, the taint is largely due to the impending expiration of the CBA. It’s no secret – and both he and his “agents” have admitted – that they wanted to take full advantage of the existing CBA which allows very lengthy contract terms and frontloading. Which is code for saying “we wanted to sign someplace that would be willing to pay us a ridonkulous amount of money NOW, and FOREVER, in case the newly-negotiated CBA puts the kabosh on it.” That’s why he was in a big hurry to sign NOW. The balls-out priority for maximum paydirt limited his options in terms of signing with teams that would have been a much more desirable fit than Philly, for example, if he really wanted to play someplace other than Nashville. But of course the song-and-dance has been Nashville’s awesome and Philly’s awesome. Which is code for “anyplace that’s willing to pay us what we want is awesome.”

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best possible deal for yourself, of course. Players deserve it. They work hard for it. The NHLPA works hard advocating for them. But I think his/his agents’ tactics and the overall tone that went down before, during and after the sheet signing – plus the amount of dollars and years involved – has left some people wondering about his sincerity/integrity as a person. He says it’s all business and there are no hard feelings from being arb’d last year but some fans have their doubts. Whenever you’re dealing with contracts of this size, it’s bound to raise eyebrows anyway; add in offer sheet drama, looming contract expiration deadlines and BFFs being traded or walking away from the team, and you’ve got lots of reasons for people to bicker and chatter.

  7. As a fan of Nashville and Shea, I think I speak for most fans when I say that I am Thrilled that Nashville matched the offer sheet, and I believe that Shea Weber is worth every penny. I am just going to live in my little world and believe when he says that this was just business, nothing personal. He took advantage of the current CBA, and good for him.

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