Alexander Ovechkin dates not-that-unattractive Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko, so naturally, he travelled to London to watch her compete in the Olympics.

Kirilenko took home a bronze medla in women’s doubles, which Ovy was pretty jazzed about. Below is the progression of Ovy tweets, starting with his fantastic muscle shirt, and concluding on the plane ride home. What a guy.


“bronzeeeee.” Awesome.

And there you have it.

I suppose if you haven’t had a ton of luck winning team trophies, Ms. Kirilenko is a pretty acceptable prize herself.

Oh, and along the way, Ovy happened to run into a couple famous people as well.

Kobe, Serena, Novak Djokovic, and Feds himself:

Not a bad week in London, eh?

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  1. So Ovy met with Djokovic and Federer before they BOTH lost to Andy Murray, a guy who has never won a major Tennis tourney. Now THAT is enigmatic…Or just a coincidence…Yeah, it’s probably just a coincidence.

  2. The boy makes enough money. You think he could afford something more than sweat panes and sweat shorts?

  3. Nice to see Ovy with an athlete instead of the walking rack of bones he was dating a while back.

    • Yeah, lots of guys like skinny gals for some reason. Must be like going out with a 14 year old. SASHA is better looking than Ovi tho. Ovi isn’t that great and he should buy some teeth. I guess he thinks he looks tuff. LOL

  4. IMO, although he is a very good player he is not a superstar. Ovechkin is low on class and high on himself. Team player? Coach killer? Enigmatic and mercurial! He should either become the player coach of the Caps or they should trade him for several decent players and unload his contract and he should go to a team where the coach wouldn’t put up with his crap and deal with his attitude. Then with the talent he has he would be a superstar.

    • when you score 65 goals in a season and put up 100+ points in 4 of 7 years you’re a superstar. Doesn’t matter what else he has or hasn’t done because he is a superstar on stats alone.

      • Graham, It would be foolish to argue with Ovi’s overall stats and I know that his drop in production has been a result of their change in style of play. If you have read my many posts on these thescore sites you know that I have been advocating and enjoy watching skill and talented hockey. While arguing against the goons in hockey, for the most part my focus has been on Alex Semin and the terrible injustices he has been forced to live with. I’m kind of done with it all now. Said my piece enough if you will. Some guys we as fans like, others we don’t. To each their own. We can get caught up in terminology and while I do admire A.O.’s abilities I don’t like his style of play nor his style as a person (of course I don’t know him personally). I suppose we get our own feeling for a player. Ovi may be a saint of a guy and Semin may be a jerk. As you know with any of these topics you could rant on and on because there are so many variables and ways of seeing. To me, Ovi was a part of A.S.’s rap as were the Caps organization. Surely you can see that he was used as the scape goat and was an easy target. Ovechkin on the other hand, no matter what he does or doesn’t do can do no wrong. Perhaps he just knows how to play the politics. Again, I could go on and on because for some reason I found myself quite invested emotionally with the Alex Semin crap beginning with the T.S.N. idiots. So, is Ovechkin a superstar? O.K., I’ll buy it based on his stats. But, IMO he doesn’t seem to me to be the type of guy that would be conducive to nor promote harmony on the team as a captain. I just think that a true superstar does those things as well and thereby helps his team like he does with numbers. That’s why I said that if he were to play under a coach that could adjust his me first attitude he would be all that much better and then a true, full, etc. (take your pick) superstar.

        • i would buy that he isn’t a superstar is during last seasons playoffs he had ever

          A – complained about getting less ice than multiple 3rd and 4th liners
          B – Whined about not being out on the ice in the last minute of a game they were down in
          C – not totally changed his style of play to accommodate the new coach
          D – Blocked shots and played gritty
          E – Not supported his coach and his team 100%

          however as I’m sure you can guess he did all of those things which proves he is a whole lot more of a team guy and a leader than he is given credit for.

          Having said that i also saw A.S. blocking shots and taking reduced ice time for the team as well as showing up for optional skates and staying to help work with the goalies. so in that respect i do agree he has been given quite a bad rap for essentially being a streaky hockey player. Very similar in fact to someone like Phil Kessel who also has had a bad rap in the past as someone who doesn’t always show up. I think it is more to do with being a streaky player who when things go right for them they are unstoppable and when things go wrong they often take a ton of heat because instead of changing up their style of play to try and break their slump they choose to keep doing what has worked for them in the past and wait for the slump to end. in effect they are condemned for doing exactly what they are praised for doing. The only difference is goal totals and point production.

          • Alex Ovechkin has been critisized by the media for a while now but certainly not to the degree that Alex Semin has. IMO, it has been sickening to merely unprofessional. We may, we do and we will disagree about things. How we perceive a player can be the result of many things. A.O. doesn’t appeal to me but you like him. That’s fine. To tell you the truth, I have been ranting along so much lately that I’m played out otherwise I would put more effort into trying to explain more about why I feel the way I do. Suffice to say that we all have our opinions as it should be. I do enjoy discussing issues on these blogs in a respectful way. One tends to get things off their chest and sometimes you end up learning a thing or two and developing different insights. I’m not on the Ovechkin bandwagon yet but I can most adamantly say that I would gladly watch him play hockey any day rather than watch some goon who’s mission is to hurt him. To me the N.H.L. has deteriorated and is on a very slippery and dangerous slope. The N.H.L., the media and I believe the majority of the fans like the kind of hockey that we see today. To have been witness to that unprecedented thrashing of Semin on National T.V. with absolutely no sign of apology nor fallout is indicative of talent not being the priority in most folks hockey entertainment in my opinion.

  5. I find his use of “hahaha” and “!!!!!” humorous.

  6. We (Caps fans) love him…. but I swear his tweets read like they were written by a 14 year old girl.

    Oh well… we still love him!

  7. I find it hilarious that a superstar athlete seems to get really excited about meeting/taking pictures with superstar athletes!

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