NHL teams do a lot of stupid stuff during intermissions, from tricycle racing to sumo wrestling in fat suits and beyond. “Beyond” includes human bowling, or in the case of the Nashville Predators the “human hockey puck.”

It was in rehearsal where it happened – Adam Davis, or “Intern Adam” was placed on a sled and whipped at huge bowling pins, which he missed entirely before breaking his ankle on the end boards. He was then transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he had screws put in said ankle.


And now he’s suing them for $25,000 to cover the cost of his medical bills from the incident.

Okay, the questions:

1) What was best-case scenario here? Were those flimsy pins ever going to slow him down enough that he wasn’t going to hammer the end boards?

2) Who’s idea was it to whip him at the speed of sound? It’s a human hitting pins standing on ice – any contact will do.

3) The video of the accident is below – no offense to Intern Adam, but the foot-up attempted stop seemed like the best idea? Just take that one on your hip, brutha.

4) He’s suing them, which means the Predators weren’t going to take care of an accident that happened…while at work for the Predators? I guess they really do need every penny for Shea Weber.

Below is the incident actually happening. Really, there’s no need to watch this, but for those of who feel like it (you sickos), go nuts.