This morning I checked out the new “defensive reveal” for NHL 13, and I gotta say, I’m awfully excited for this year’s edition of the game.

In the early days of “NHL” series, when you had possession you had it solidly. It was fun, but not very realistic. This year, it looks like it’s going to be a lot easier to puck pokes loose from your opponent (as opposed to requiring a massive hit), and you’ll have to be smarter about when and where you’re passing.

Check it out:

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  1. I can’t wait to turn all those features off. Are they really selling that people should try and play dump and chase and the reduction of scoring chances? I’d rather just go watch some late 90′s New Jersey Devils games.

  2. I kinda liked scoring 20 goals a game over the course of a season. Sure, it wasn’t realistic, but that’s why I actually play hockey. When I’m playing a video game, I want to turn my mind off and pwn computer opponents for a while. Makes me a cheater, sure, but a happy cheater.

  3. Looks great! This game just gets better and better every year. I can’t wait for my teammates to finally be in better position and not cost me games!

  4. as long as there isnt that stupid glitch where you fake a slapshot in the offensive zone ( home ice only ) and the d-man automatically stops.. or the fuckin hip check problems.. im good to go with this new d thing.. although i bet theres still tons of glitch goals, so you can still score 20 per game

  5. Looks great!!! did they keep the feature where the stats go all haywire and the game locks up and crashes after a few years of dynasty mode? I sure hope so. That’s been my favourite EASports feature for the past 4 or 5 years.

  6. yes, yes they did.. also if you sim the seasons, you win the cup in the third year no matter how good or bad your team is.. glitches are for pussies son

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