Jason Kay is the editor of the Hockey News, and is not the kind of guy to tweet something like this without knowing for sure:

There’s likely enough disgruntled Leafs fans that if the city ever did get a second team, they’d be more than willing to jump ship.

Who knows what the intentions are here, but with the population and interest in hockey in that city, I can’t see an NHL-ready building sitting there and being used solely for Bieber concerts.

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  1. The only question I have is who’s going to pay for it?

    • Jumping in: I could be wrong Mike, but I think that this is probably the same project. The Markham approval was funding related whereas this has to deal with the building itself. As such, I believe the necessary boards for the structure fall under the jurisdiction of Toronto’s offices, though if I’m wrong someone should feel free to correct me.

      • Markham is in York Region, which is not Toronto. York Region ends at Steeles Avenue, and the municipalities in York Region are suburbs of the city of Toronto. The only similarity between Toronto and Markham/York Region is that they are both in the province of Ontario. If Markham wants to build a useless arena for themselves that’s their problem, and when they have a 20,000 seat arena sitting empty year after year you can bet it will be a gigantic problem for a city of barely 250,000 people.

        • The tweet, you’ll note, says Toronto area. Markham falls squarely within the GTA and is a stone’s throw from Scarborough which is Toronto. I’m well aware of the location of Markham. If you were to build an arena of this calibre in Markham — which is what they’re doing — and provide the appropriate means of getting there, people will go to hockey games, concerts, whatever, guaranteed.

  2. Markham is not in Toronto.

  3. First of all, in the absolutely remote off-chance there’s even one percent of validity to this, then shame on Toronto. I won’t get in to the inner workings of our city with the deficit and transit issues, but a second arena and second team is literally the last thing Toronto needs right now.

    Having said that…it’s a very good thing that a second hockey team and arena are the last things Toronto needs, because it’s simply not happening right now and I doubt that this is even true. I don’t care about the source being Hockey News, there’s no chance, regardless of the money and problems that face Toronto today. It’s misleading to post this article because we’re discussing this again based off of one tweet. There’s only been that one tweet in the last hour talking about this subject from any news source close to Toronto, be it a reporter covering City Hall or a hockey reporter at a publication like Hockey News or the Star or wherever. Don’t we learn from the past? I would like to think so, since every six months someone else comes out and says “Hey, there’s a new Toronto arena for a new Toronto team that’s coming!”, or a ridiculous and needless study comes out saying Canada could support 14 NHL teams, and it all leads to people yelling and screaming about the newest Toronto NHL club set to come in here or elsewhere in Canada. One single tweet about it just smells like another one of those ridiculous rumours.

    And while we’re on the subject of Toronto not learning from past flirtations with fictional clubs, did anyone happen to catch a Toronto Legacy game this year? You know, Toronto’s brand-new NHL expansion team that was announced at a gala event with Herb Carnegie as its chairman that began play in 2012, just like they said it would, in their sparkling new 30,000 seat Downsview Park Arena, with 25% of net profits going to charity, just as they promised in that original press conference/ground-breaking three summers ago. The buzz went through the city this year as we finally got our second te…wait, you mean to tell me no one went to see them this year, in their first NHL season, and no one took advantage of the affordability plan with half of the tickets selling for less than $50 every game, just like they promised at that one and only press conference to announce the team and arena? Wow. It’s a shame, because I see that arena every day as I pass through Downsview Station, and let me tell you it’s glorious in its invisibility and non-existence. It’s even revitalized my neighbourhood, which is just around the corner. And what a hockey team they have! (By the way, all of that information about our great civic pride that is the Toronto Legacy came from memory and was confirmed in its entirety through Wikipedia)

    My point is, please, just stop spreading these things that are baseless rumours. It gets everybody riled up over nothing, because everyone with a clue — and I’d hope I can include the writers of this blog in this statement — knows there is not a second hockey team or arena in Toronto and there’s a close to 100% chance there never will be a second hockey team or arena in Toronto. If some stupid person wants his 15 minutes on TV to brag about how his billions will bring Toronto a real hockey team (which actually means: some stupid person with a lot of money wants to go on TV and brag to the world that he’s a billionaire who has enough money to buy a hockey team and build his own playpen, I mean hockey arena, if he really wanted to), that’s their business. However, one tweet is not news. It’s a single tweet. There could be news in a few months or years, there’s always a chance, but right now there is none and there’s zero evidence to suggest this is anything but a stray rumour. Let’s stop fantasizing and feeding the masses and be realistic for a moment, if that’s at all possible for Toronto’s hockey Pavlovian dogs, I mean fans. it’s not happening. It’s very likely never happening. This is an article literally based on one tweet with zero information to follow. I see no other sources confirming or following up on the original tweet, so I’m left to assume that this was seen by someone who thought “Hey, this could get us a few comments on our hockey blog in the dead of August.”


  4. Though Markham IS in th Toronto area. (Vague tweet is vague)

  5. I wouldn’t cheer for them … Im just about the Leafs!

  6. Hamilton deserves the next NHL team in Ontario. Does Toronto have to hog/waste everything sports related or otherwise in Southern Ontario?

    • It’s not about Toronto hogging anything. If the NHL (or any other league) wanted a team in Hamilton, and there were potential owners willing to operate a team in Hamilton – it would have a team!

      • It’s historically not an issue of potential owners, it seems to be an NHL – Leafs – Sabres objection to Hamilton landing a team.
        The sabres could just play half their games at Copps and save the vast majority of the fan base a drive and border crossing!
        But hey, two Toronto teams to cheer against (with great results) and laugh at corrresponding ignorant fans would be OK as well!
        Just a shame a blue collar city which would fill an arena that already exists might be passed over again so Toronto can help themselves to ruining another NHL franchise for its fans.


    to the rest of the country the following is true:

    markham is toronto
    mississauga is toronto
    brampton is toronto
    milton is toronto
    oakville is toronto
    pickering is toronto
    ajax is toronto

    now that we all know this, maybe we can just get past the semantics

    • you forgot Newmarket smart one… Also, Vaughn is Toronto, Woodbridge is Toronto… anything else we’re missing?

  8. Hi Mr.Burke I think the Maple Leafs could of got a good player like Rick Nash or Steven from Tampa Bay Lightning and we need a goalie to back up Reimer or a get a starter we do have good players like Kessel, Phaneuf and Van Riemsyk and Lupul so please shop around for goalies and a good scorer don’t trade away Kessel or Phaneuf ok.

    • Do you understand what it would’ve taken to pry away Steven Stamkos from Tampa? Kessel, Gardiner, and Reilly. It would take half the roster to pry him away, and that’s if they even bother to actually consider trading them.

    • I’m sure when Brian Burke reads this comment (and he does read every comment on every hockey blog) he will change strategies immediately.

      adam, remember us when you become famous.

  9. Trade Clarke MacArthur & Dion Phaneuf To Pittsubrgh Penguins For Scott Wilson Paul Martin and a 2nd round pick in 2014

  10. Hey Brian; When will Toronto have a decent team? Oh wait…. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh goodie another crappy Toronto sports team! Markham is in the GTA very close to Toronto and directly in Leafs territory.. no way this happens which is a good thing in my opinion.. a 2nd toronto hockey team would always play second to the leafs.

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