What a caption.

The picture you see above is from a New Zealand newspaper called the “The Mirror.” Fact-checking optional within, apparently.

Here’s the backstory, passed along by friend of the blog, Joel:

I play hockey in Queenstown, New Zealand for the Southern Stampede. It’s an amateur club in the top league in New Zealand called the NZIHL.

Anyways, we have a guy on our team named Matthew Schneider. He got injured in an inter squad game before the season started and has just recently come back. The only reason this might be of interest to you is that a local Queenstown, NZ paper seems to think he is Mathieu Schneider who played 20 years in the show and is coming out of retirement to help finish off the season, and lead us to another ship.

The amount of errors they managed to squeeze into a couple hundred word article was phenomenal, but the biggest question is who makes that assumption without following up on it? The names aren’t even spelled the same. And then to add a picture of the ex-NHLer to the article and get the name of the team on his jersey wrong was just the delicious icing on the cake:

Here’s a little taste from the article:

So the thought process was “Okay, there’s a guy named Matthew Schneider returning from injury. I think there was once an NHLer by that name. Must be the same guy, I’m-a run with that without so much as a quick google search.” That, or someone played a prank on the poor writer. Either way, sa-wiiiing and a miss.