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I know it’s not Kitchener, but somewhere, Matt Slovin is smiling. This. Stuff. Happens.

The OHL laid a remarkably severe fine on the Windsor Spitfires for violating the League’s Player Benefit and Recruitment Rules and Policies (seems like a bit of a redundant title, but whatever). I’ll let them tell you about it.

“The League conducted two separate investigations led by our Director of Security and Enforcement, and in considering all the facts, I was persuaded that the Windsor Spitfires Hockey Club violated the League’s Player Benefit and Recruitment Rules and Policies.  While the penalties may appear to be severe, the League and its Member Teams recognize for any such violations of our Recruitment / Benefit Rules and Policies, we must send a strong message to preserve the integrity of our League”, concluded Branch.

There are no real specifics so far, but needless to say, the Spits were giving money (and likely lots of it) and/or other benefits to top-end players to get them to choose their team, or to stay with their team.

So what was the penalty? Ohhh, no big deal, just huge sums of cash and important draft picks.

Specifically, $400,000, and they lose their first round selection in the OHL Priority Selection in the years 2013, 2014, 2016, and second round selections for the years 2015 and 2017.


Seems to me that, like Roger Goddell and the “bounty system” scandal in the NFL, those in charge want to nip this in the bud and let teams know they aren’t fooling around.

That, or they want to be perceived that way while they carry on and turn a blind eye.

I’d say both options are equally likely.

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  1. Given that some rumors put under the table payments at $100,000 for top players, this fine doesn’t seem that egregious.

  2. I think the draft hits are probably more of the punishment. Ok, so for the past x years you’ve gotten the best players to stay with you – well for the next five years everybody else gets first shot at the top talent (or something like that.)

  3. I thought this was a pretty standard practice. Don’t London Knights jersey’s come stuffed with cash?

  4. Branch has had a “hard on” for Windsor for years. That idiot needs to go.

  5. Nothing implied by the picture? Looks to me like that was the year a bunch of the kids tried recreating “Witness” on ice. “The lanes are open, English!”

  6. lets see the league put together a board to investigate such wrong doings in 2009 windsor drafted cam fowler and austin watson in the 1st 2 rounds of th 2008 draft 2 american kids who swore they were going to collage and just like that there they were at training camp for windsor……meet the leading candidates for the investigation

  7. So is Windsor actually the only team doing this? What about the other teams?

  8. This punishment is a disgrace and so are the ohl board of govenors , the ohl has to wake up to the real world ,sports is all about winning and being on top. We have to get rid of this thinking that David and his cronies come up with thinking that integrety has to be maintained anda fair playing field for all have to be kept sacred. team owners have the right to put the best players on the ice, just like a secular business has the right to approach and hire the people the want. So why cant an ohl team go to a player and offer a package to player to play for their team, the NCAA has been crying fowl for yrs when chl teams have offered packages to player and later learned they withdrew from scholarships- i feel the spit have challenge thses sanctions in a court of law.

  9. The London knights, and the Kitchener Rangers should be the teams being investigated, other then ottawa, these two teams have the bigest gates, and make lots of money! How is it possible for London to end up getting the best players every year at the D-Line by trading 5 or 6 second rounders!! then they end up with Patrik Kane!! or some other Highly touted amarican who was destined for the Ushl and NCAA!!! Patrick Mc crae was another one!! Then the end up with max Domi, when your not supossed to be able to trade 1st roundes!! Akim alu was another!! Its a shame that the ohl turns a blind eye to some but nails others!!

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  11. Really stupid Mr. Branch go suck a weiner

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