theScore has a pretty great Tumblr feed that I highly recommend, and yesterday’s offering (originally from Al Creed’s Tumblr) cracked me up. Above is what today’s NHL jerseys would look like if we went back to playing the old 8-bit SNES version of hockey games.

(CRUCIAL UPDATE: I’ve been informed SNES was 16 bit. Now you can all sleep easy knowing Backhand Shelf got the facts straight!)

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  1. SNES was 16-bit, dawg. the NES was 8-bit.

  2. Islanders looking SHARP.

    Is that your Pops in law during his Buffalo days?


  3. Even in 8-bit form the Anaheim Ducks jerseys are the worst in the NHL. Bring back the teal and purple!

  4. I hate to be a dumbass but what’s the second last team?

  5. The Panthers logo looks like a cute and cuddly kitten.

  6. Wow. They got Keith Tkachuk’s stare down right with the Blues jersey, too!

  7. Love this! The retro jerseys at the bottom are a great touch.

  8. Can I use this to my support my argument that “Predators’ gold” is actually just yellow?

    • Only because he used FFFF00 to represent it. I think FFCC00 would actually be closer, but whether that would be in the specific gamut involved is another matter.

  9. I love the Ducks jersey. It’s the best. I really like it.

  10. I like the Flyers one best. Islanders, Rangers, Sens, Hartnelll , ‘Yotes, Pens…….hahaha

  11. Love the Oilers guy. Mullet and retro jersey. Perfectly shows how they all still live in the 80s. :P

    And the beards for Buffalo and Philly fans is spot on too.

    Could the 16bit SNES even handle those preds jerseys…

  12. Sorta wish the Flyers jersey looked a little more… proportionate. Everything else sincerely rules.

  13. The Sabres player looks like Leino and is about as one-dimensional as he is as well

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