So that’s the punchline Paul Holmgren has created for himself now: if you sign a long-term commitment with the Philadelphia Flyers, you’re going to get traded.

Jeff Carter? 11 years, didn’t make it through one.

Mike Richards? 12 years, stuck around for a little over 25% of the deal.

James van Riemsdyk? Six years, never played a shift under the deal.

So, it’s not as though the punchline is unearned.

Wayne Simmonds is the latest Philadelphia Flyer to sign up for a significant amount of time, signing a six year deal worth 23.875 million according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, which equals a yearly cap hit of nickels under four million.

Simmonds, a handful of days shy of his 24th birthday, still has another season left on his current deal (two mill, 1.75 mill cap hit), which means that this contract keeps him a Flyer until he’s over 30. His particular brand of play – edgy with offense – suits Flyers fans perfectly, so it’s likely they’re quite pleased with the signing.

Four million a season for a guy who threatened 30 goals and 50 points last year would be fair enough, but to get those numbers from a guy who doubles as an agitator and gets to the dirty areas, well, you’re getting a steal there. Especially once the owners roll back the value of his contract in the new CBA!

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  1. I’m sure there’s a team out there with an extra defensemen quite happy about that deal, since they’ll trade the defenseman for Simmonds.

    And if history is any indication, either that team or the Toronot Maple Leafs (okay, let’s be honest, it’ll be the other team) will win the Cup next year, since getting traded off the Flyers after signing a massive deal also seems to earn one the Cup the next season.

    … okay, history may not work well on that last point.

    • At 14.2%, that shooting percentage seems likely to regress a bit. But still, seems a good contract for the current cap level. There’s a chance Simmers happy to get something locked up even if he does get moved, what with CBA talks and all.

      Ducks, perhaps? Nothing has come of those Bobby Ryan rumors yet and I’m wondering how the Ducks younger defensemen are going to get through with the amount of vets they signed this off-season.

  2. if alex burrows can shoot 15 percent or more 3 years in a row.. so can simmonds.. yes i realize burrow basically gets the puck shot off his stick into the net by the twins.. im sure giroux and co. can do the same in philly

    • Seeing as Simmonds gets most of his goals on the doorstep (sometimes off his face even), maybe you’ve got a point. But I’d definitely be surprised if he’d be on Giroux’s wing as much as Burrows typically is with the twins.

      As a Kings fan, I’m more than happy to see Simmer do well and it is often overstated how much an impact teammates have on a player’s numbers. I just have my doubts. Happy to be proven wrong though.

  3. as a canucks fan, i was pretty damn happy to see simmonds go to the other side of the country

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