As an aspiring sports journalist and broadcaster, Jessica Ghawi (nom de plume Jessica Redfield) was starting to climb her way up through the ranks when she was tragically killed in the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting on July 20th.

It was a terrible, sickening time, and nobody’s about to get over it any time soon, likely ever. Still, there have been a couple attempts to try to take some good from a devastating loss.

Her brother Jordan has created a scholarship fund in her name, which is explained on the Foundation’s website:

Jessica was a vivacious, aspiring sports journalist with inestimable courage, an enthusiastic drive and a passion for hockey. She worked several jobs in order to continue her educational path in sports journalism and worked a variety of internships to soak in knowledge and find the best path to make a positive impact in the world of sports. Jessica moved from San Antonio to Colorado to save money to help keep chasing her dream of being a sports broadcaster.

The Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund will endow scholarships to help send up-and-coming sports talent to reach their dreams through the field of sports journalism.

The fund is linked above if you’d like to donate.

The tragedy floored so many people in our tight-knit hockey community that the Philadelphia Flyers decided to get involved too.

They created a recurring internship in Jessica’s name that they describe as such, below:

“To give a female college student, with similar career aspirations such as Jessica’s, the opportunity to gain career experience in the hockey world,” explains Ike Richman, Comcast-Spectacor spokesman.

The young woman selected will work in the team’s public relations office, on team broadcasts, social media and more.

To learn more about the opportunity, check out the listing here.

As they mention, you’ll need to tick these three boxes:

1. YES / NO: Are you a female college student majoring in journalism, broadcasting, communications or a related field?
2. YES / NO: Are you seeking an internship during the fall 2012 semester to earn college credit?
3. YES / NO: Do you currently live in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Hopefully somebody takes advantage of the opportunity, and appreciates the path Jessica paved for them along her way.

Here’s her brother Jordan discussing the scholarship, the internship and more:


Six weeks prior to that terrible day in Colorado, Jessica had just left the Eaton Centre in Toronto where there was a mass shooting in the food court. If you haven’t read her words on that, and on appreciating the time you have, you should do so now.