Pic from YellMagazine.com

Mud half-way up my calf. Rain soaked clothes. Legs filled with lactic acid from some ill-advised soccer-based sprinting the day before. Death metal ripping through a mild-hangover. Not a typical Sunday for this guy.  A typical Sunday is more like this: coffee, walk dog, watch TV, rinse, repeat.

However, when the opportunity to interview Buffalo Sabres Super Fans Rob and Paul from legendary metal band Cannibal Corpse came up, how could I say no? The last time Metal Blade Records lined me up with a music/sports interview, it ended up being the highlight of my (very) long and (moderately) illustrious reporting career – talking football with Oderus Urungus of GWAR.  (Parental Warning: fake schlong hits reporter in leg, hilarity ensues – watch here).

Here’s drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz and guitarist Rob Barrett on their muted expectations for the Sabres, the season and sticking it to Milan Lucic.

Epilogue: Originally from Buffalo, NY, the band currently resides in Tampa, FL. Paul Mazurkiewicz continues to play Beer League hockey in the Tampa area.

After the cameras stopped rolling, Paul listed some of the former NHLers that he plays with/against in his local league: John Cullen, Petr Svoboda, Alex Selivanov, and many others. Pretty impressive, eh?  So, of course the dumbass writing this says to Paul: “YOU play in a league with THOSE guys? Must be cuz there’s only one league in all of Tampa!” *waits for laughter* *none forthcoming*