Ah, so you miss hockey, do ya? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s hockey season on the other side of the globe right now. The AIHL, or Australian Ice Hockey League (yes, the “I” is necessary) is under way, and the Melbourne Ice are pursuing their third straight league championship.

Inspired by 24/7, they decided to document the progress of the team throughout the season, and honestly, I’m hooked.

Three episodes are out (all about five minutes long), and there’s three to go.

This is a League where players don’t get paid to play, but ho-ly, do they ever care a lot. It makes for some compelling footage, and the hockey actually looks decent. The icing on the cake comes from cameos by Doug Wilsons Sr. and Jr., and of course, all the glorious Aussie accents.

Fun fact: I was going to spend a summer down there playing in that League when I was in college, but couldn’t get clarification if I’d lose my NCAA eligibility or not, and didn’t want to risk it.

I left out the short intro (if you want to see it, you can check it out here, along with the new episodes as they’re released), but the other three episodes are below.

The videos are like Lays chips in the Messier days – betcha can’t watch just one.

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:

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  1. Shitbox rinks, and guys wailing on someone that’s turtled. I suppose the girls are hotter than what you’d find in the LNAH though.

  2. If you mute the sound, its just like any amateur/semi-pro hockey team in North America.

    • Fair call, that comes across in the shortened preview versions. The full episodes though have a whole lot going on that’s more about the characters and how the sport is going through a massive change here with growth and support. Most people haven’t even heard of the game here but it doesn’t stop these guys. Thanks for watching.

  3. Very Cool! As a newly arrived Canadian now living in Perth – home of the Perth Thunder! – it’s great to see the passion for the sport out here. It’s still a small circle of fans but those who follow it are a pretty diehard group – and it’s not all North American and European expats either. It’s impressive how many Aussies have taken up the sport.

  4. Special K – Ice Hockey is an amateur sport in Australia but growing rapidly. The players don’t get paid and play for the love of the sport, the clubs are all run by volunteers, they are the reason you can watch from Canada and the women are definately hotter than you’d find in the LNAH, for starters they have all their teeth. The sport is growing here and although by North American standards the capacity for supporters is limited, the games are sellouts. For a country like Australia with sunshine, clean air, beautifful women, cuisine from around the world, Asia at our doorstep, where you can go to a tropical paradise for the weekend, I guess we’ll just have to make do. Bon Jour.
    PS. If your comment about someone who’s “turtled” referred to Andrew Erzen, the kid had a grade three concussion and took weeks to recover.

  5. Well said Neil! When I first started going to games here I was amazed at the dedication of the volunteers and the players. Games are packed, standing room only and the fans are passionate about their teams. I can’t wait for that DVD release. GO ICE!!!!

  6. I think he meant punching fits on the ground. That shit is not approved.
    But killer league. I will definitely watch a few games during the lockout.

    • Better hurry! Finals are held the weekend after next (GO ICE) and then the men’s league is over until April or so next year. The women’s league is held during summer, so I’m still going to have hockey to watch.

  7. For all those that can’t be at the finals I’m sure they’ll livestream them. Visit the aihl website or the Melbourne ice website for details.

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