From The Man himself comes news out of Edmonton today:

That takes Taylor Hall until the year 2020, when he’ll become a an unrestricted free agent. I assume by then he’ll be working a hovercar into his next deal.

The cap hit is fairly difficult to judge right now based on a couple factors:

1) If the owners proposed salary rollback were to go through, he’d lose 13 million dollars. So how much is he really going to be paid? We can judge it against the current salary cap, but that’s fairly pointless given that it’s going to change.

2) Will he live up to the hype, or be a bust? Hall has 95 points in 126 career games so far – great numbers for a young kid who has only played two years in the League, but not exactly worth huge, “superstar” money. Will he take the next step and be a “first page” (of the NHL scoring leaders) point-getter?

3) Can he stay healthy? Hall has missed nearly 20 games in each of his first two seasons. If he’s an injury-prone player, you’re shelling out a lot of money for a guy to wear a suit and watch.

If Hall becomes who we think he will, it’s a great contract for him, and the Oilers. If he disappoints on either #2 or #3, the Oil are on the hook for a lot of years and a lot of dollars.