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The dog gate above is, as the caption mentions, taken from, a website put together by @BillShandler that showcases some of the cool stuff he’s built from used hockey sticks.

He inspired me to search out some more great hockey stick woodwork, and thanks to a Twitter request and the fancy google machine, I’m proud to present the best of my initial findings. Who doesn’t love this stuff? It’s custom, personal, and recycling.

Let’s take a look.

* First, a beauty. Here’s the quite professionally done hockey stick adirondack chair (available for purchase here):

What a downright perfect fit for that dock. Just sitting there, sipping on a cold bottle with your feet up on the blade table, watching your bobber float around.

* Now, let’s get a little less polished, and a little more awesome.

That is truly a thing of beauty, Peggy. Thanks for sharing. Is that an Islanders team picture on that book?


So, so great. Very outdoorsy.

* There’s about 300 different ways to build a hockey chair, so I’ve compiled the most common below:

I’m all about using goalie paddles for arm-rests.

* And now a few from the web…

The hockey stick chest:

Badass. Available for purchase here.

* The hockey stick cutting board:

No idea how that was made, but it looks like it was a lot of work.

* The hockey stick light fixture – a must for the lakeside cottage, after you’re done lounging in your adirondack chair on the dock:


* The park bench:

Just a hunch, but guessing that was found in Canada. From

Now, time to get a bit more progressive…

* Hockey stick snowflakes from the Montreal Botanical Gardens:

You can check out more images of the snowflakes here.

* Here’s a table that you too can make at home, from All you need are about 6000 broken sticks and a gigantic sheet of glass:

* From a WashingtonCapitals.tumblr post:

Whoa. That’s some next level stuff right there – comprised entirely of discarded Capitals twigs.

* And finally, the most important one of all. Here’s an email I received from the Minnesota Wild in response to my request for images of your best hockey stick furniture:

Attached is a photo of Anthony Regole, owner of Chair-Built Custom Woodworking, who lost the use of his legs in a car accident at the age of 16. Now 21, he builds furniture out of used hockey sticks. Here is his website:
This photo was taken at a fundraising event for Jack Jablonski a month ago.

Now *that* is truly amazing. You have to check out that website to see more of his great creations.

If you or anyone you know has built something awesome out of hockey sticks, fire the image to me at – I’ll update the post as they trickle in.