Television is a magical box. It brings pictures to life out of nothing but sparks and entertains us to literally no end until, of course, we reach our demise. Certain things on TV are always awesome. Examples that come to mind are Shark Week, March Madness, Mila Kunis and seasons 32-419 of Big Brother.

Add Gordie Howe to that list.

Many of you will recall that Gordie Howe is part of a rather famous Simpsons episode — “Bart the Lover” — which is episode 16 of season eight three. The phrase “Strap on your skates Gordie, you’re going in,” is not only a must-know for English speakers, it is a magnificent piece of hockey culture.

It was hockey’s foray into the 2D mainstream — their equivalent to the ever-enduring “Homer at the Bat” — rivaled only, in my opinion, by South Park’s “Stanley’s Cup” wherein a peewee hockey team is forced to play the Detroit Red Wings because the Colorado Avalanche feel bad that the kids can’t play peewee opponents during the intermission. It has excessive violence, bad hockey parenting and generally everything we, as hockey fans, pride ourselves on.

Howe’s moment on the Simpsons, while brief and tertiary by way of a hockey card, is surpassed by only one other Howe moment. One I had no idea existed prior to today.

On September 6, 1973, Howe filmed an episode of ‘What’s My Line?’ and it is just typical Gordie Howe greatness.

If you can’t get on board with how spectacular Gordie Howe is, I don’t know if this sport is for you. The guy owns the trademark to his nickname which, in case you somehow missed it because you live under a rock in a cave on Mars, happens to be ‘Mr. Hockey’. There is no bad here.

This video is launched into another stratosphere when his sons, Marty and Mark make an appearance. Marty sports the most aggressively 70s haircut you’ve ever seen while Mark makes a witty quip about going out sans (French for without) Dad on road trips. He’s officially a Hall of Famer like Dad now, so shenanigans are allowed.

Share this with your friends, they will thank you. For those of you who need a refresher on Howe’s career, I give you this: