The Edmonton Oilers are a franchise keen on keeping traditions in tact no matter how recent. You’ll note that each of the last first overall picks the franchise has had — Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, for those of you with short memories — have missed significant portions of time due to injury in their brief careers.

Enter Nail Yakupov.

The latest wunderkind to pull an Oilers jersey over his head has come down with an incredibly bizarre injury. At a training camp run by former Montreal Canadiens assistant coach and recent Montreal Canadiens fall-guy Perry Pearn, Yakupov reportedly fell off of a treadmill that was moving rather quickly.

He has contracted a leg infection as a result.

Nail Yakupov has an infection in his legs after falling off a fast-moving treadmill earlier this week.

The Edmonton Oilers’ first overall draft at the June NHL entry draft was training before Monday’s skate at Perry Pearn’s three-on-three pro conditioning camp at K of C Twin Arenas and tumbled off the treadmill. He did skate Monday, but wasn’t on the ice Tuesday or Wednesday.

There is no firm report on when Yakupov will be back on skates.

The Russian forward, who attracted a big crowd of onlookers at the camp on Wednesday only to discover he wasn’t skating, is supposed to go to a junior showcase of draft picks outside of Toronto next Tuesday. The event provides Panini America and Upper Deck — the two official trading card partners of the NHLPA and the NHL — an opportunity to photograph the young stars in their team uniforms.

This is obviously incredibly bizarre and extremely gross.

Treatment-wise, they will undoubtedly pump the bejeezus out of him with antibiotics which should clear up the infection. This is a good thing, because upon further review, leg infections sound like nasty business. According to this medical website of minimal repute, symptoms of a leg infection include:

Symptoms of a leg infection include redness, swelling, and pain. In addition, clear or bloody drainage can occur, as can itching and an increase in temperature over the infected area. If the localized leg infection is not adequately treated, a systemic infection may occur. When this happens, the patient may experience generalized weakness, fatigue, and fever.

It speaks to my overall maturity level that my initial reaction to those symptoms was immediately this video, but I will not apologize for my silliness, because it is hilarious. If you don’t laugh after re-reading what is likely going on with Nail Yakupov’s leg — do this now before clicking play — I’m not sure if you have “redeemable qualities”:

In the interest of keeping consistent, you should probably just get ready for Yakupov to miss ~18 games during his rookie season — Hall missed 17 games, The Nuge missed 20. That’s how they roll in Edmonton, and you shouldn’t expect ‘N64′ (Nail + his number, 64) to be any different.

Nathan MacKinnon, consider yourself warned.