ESPN does a yearly feature over in their neck of the woods called “Uni Watch” wherein they rank the quality of uniforms across the four major North American sports. Conveniently, they’ve broken down the rankings into league sections as well so we can see where the World Leader in Tebow scores the NHL’s threads.

List below the jump.

1 Montreal Canadiens
2 Boston Bruins
3 New York Rangers
4 Detroit Red Wings
5 Philadelphia Flyers
6 Toronto Maple Leafs
7 Pittsburgh Penguins
8 Minnesota Wild
9 Columbus Blue Jackets
10 New Jersey Devils
11 Chicago Blackhawks
12 Buffalo Sabres
13 New York Islanders
14 San Jose Sharks
15 Florida Panthers
16 Winnipeg Jets
17 Vancouver Canucks
18 Phoenix Coyotes
19 Calgary Flames
20 Tampa Bay Lightning
21 Carolina Hurricanes
22 Nashville Predators
23 Anaheim Ducks
24 Ottawa Senators
25 St. Louis Blues
26 Edmonton Oilers
27 Washington Capitals
28 Los Angeles Kings
29 Dallas Stars
30 Colorado Avalanche

A few thoughts on this list:

- The Habs actually took home the title of best jersey in sports. Montreal, take a bow.

- The Original 6 should always comprise the top six spots on any NHL jersey list. As far as I’m concerned their looks are so classic and awesome that they cannot be touched on any sort of list. If this doesn’t jive with your team, sorry. Philly does have a good look. They can be seven. The Blackhawks should not be 11.

- I’m glad someone has finally pointed out that the Colorado Avalanche threads don’t make any sense and do not look good. With the old jersey style they weren’t half bad, but the modern execution is terrible. A new colour scheme or design would be wonderful. Your move, Reebok.

- The rest of the list looks pretty good. There are obviously some teams in there that are a little confusing. Why are the Florida Panthers so high? Red looks good but that good? No. Columbus and Minnesota will also raise some eyebrows, but I know there are aesthetic motivations behind them which are largely supported.

What do you think? Agree with the list? Do you have objections?

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  1. Never been a fan of the Columbus jersey…seems a bit high to me. Carolina could be lower and Nashville could be a bit higher.

    • Nashville has the ugliest jerseys in the NHL.

      Old school Ducks jerseys would be much higher on this list.

      Go Habs Go.

  2. I’ve liked the Blues 3rd jerseys since they came out. Thought that would have them higher on the list.

  3. The Old Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche jerseys would be top 15 for sure

  4. is the #28 l.a. kings really based on the current logo & colour scheme or the ugly-ass old purple & gold/yellow????

  5. I agree with the statement saying that Original Six should always be top 6… You can easily guess in what decade the Flyers logo was created as well as the Avs and the Preds…

    By going back with the old logo, Pittsburgh is surely a winner. Oilers should be way higher, just because Gretzky and Messier wore those colors.. :)

    Phoenix finally had the good idea to throw away their first jersey design and it was a win win situation. Can’t be uglier than that. (then again, this Habs vintage jersey sure is WORSE : )

    Can someone explain to me why the Sens are THAT low? looks way better than Florida!
    What about LA? Were they thinking about the good old purple yellow jersey? Everything is cool about their new uniform (i like black, you can tell)

  6. Who voted for this? Blind monkeys?

  7. i think they forgot to add #SaidNobodyEver

  8. Canucks and Wild should be in the bottom 5. Edmonton and LA should be in the top 15, maybe top 10.

  9. Yup, original 6 should be top 6. And honestly Buffalo has the absolute best sweater after that…and I’m a Bruins fan.

  10. Is this real? How can someone decide what jerseys look the best? This is beyond dumb. Everyone likes different colours, different logos, different everything. No one will ever agree on this. Seems like ESPN needs more things to do. …what a waste of time

  11. very upset that the wild, blue jackets, and devils are ahead of the sabres

  12. 1. Red Wings
    2. Flyers
    3. The old Buffalo Sabres Jersey (the red and black one)

  13. Just because a team is old and their jerseys have been around a long time, doesn’t make their jerseys the best-looking. For example, have you seen some of the horrible kits sported by football or baseball teams from 100 years ago? Ugh.

    That being said, the Original Six do happen to have good-looking sets, so long as they don’t go too crazy on alternates. (Bruins, I’m looking over at you guys.) But I’ve always considered the Whalers and Blues in the 80′s to have outstanding looks. Those are two of the best five logos in hockey.

  14. the list is a joke (as should be expected from ESPN) the Blackhawks should be in the top 3…other two being Detroit, Montreal/Toronto.

  15. I’m a Leafs fan but in all honesty, the Hawks should be No.1. All of their alternates and Winter Classic jerseys are phenomenal. The Habs had that awful barber pole crap.

  16. 8 Minnesota Wild — would be bottom 5 for me, brutal logo
    9 Columbus Blue Jackets — better than minny, not really the best logo, bottom 10 maybe?
    16 Winnipeg Jets — bland bland bland bland
    18 Phoenix Coyotes — easily bottom 5 for me as well
    26 Edmonton Oilers — easy top 10 given that they are wearing their vintage colours now
    27 Washington Capitals — good logo + colours, way better than nashville or minny

    All of these are way off! The Oilers is probably the biggest mistake, it is one of the most recognizable jerseys in sports.

  17. I’m a Canucks fan and I love the jersey colours that we have now. The orca logo is fine and has grown on me. But I don’t understand why the designers felt it was necessary to smack VANCOUVER on there. It makes no sense and looks awkward. That being said I hope they don’t change it for awhile because I just bought a new jersey.

  18. I’m a habs fan so I’m biased and won’t speak on the CH, but Chicago and Buffalo’s gear are lower than I would have expected. I also like that Minny is so high on the list. Lots of people don’t like their colours but I like that they were willing to do something a little different.

  19. My top ten would be:
    6-New York
    7-New Jersey

    I don’t believe the Original Six, while all having solid looks, deserve to lock up the top six. The Flyers look is simply better than some of them, and if Quebec ever got a team again and brought back their old look they would be #4 with a bullet. New Jersey’s look has always been underrated.

    Article’s critique of Calgary and St. Louis are pretty fair. Their old ’80s look would have them 11 and 12. And while the colours are good, the Oilers logo is dated. Then again the Islanders have the same strengths and weaknesses (arguably a more dated logo) and they were ranked 13 while the Oilers got an unfair 26. Columbus’s ranking is a joke.

    As a Jets fan, mid-teens seems right. I like the logo, think the jerseys could be improved a bit but are fine.

  20. This list is embarrassing

  21. By far the worst list ever!! Get your heads out of your asses. Almost every expansion jersey is better than the original sixes. It’s the 21st century and those jerseys need to be revamped, not just tweaked. And Habs are #1? Red is ugly and does not go with blue, there logo makes no sense and looks like a toilet bowl seat. And with a dumb name like the Canadiens they should have been left off the list entirely

  22. Seriously? Minnesota, Columbus, Florida, carolina, Anaheim, Islanders, Nashville, Calgary all ranked higher than Edmonton??? ESPN doesn’t know anything about hockey. Who did they consult? Barry “mullet” Melrose? They dont’t even cover hockey for more than 30 seconds per week. Total bulls#!&.

  23. All I know is if this list included teams that no longer play, the Hartford Whalers would be #1.

  24. To have crap like Columbus ahead of the Blackhawks is a joke. I’m a Bruins fan, and even I’d put Chicago #1…

  25. ESPN. I believe I’ve made my case…

  26. good description..

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