ESPN does a yearly feature over in their neck of the woods called “Uni Watch” wherein they rank the quality of uniforms across the four major North American sports. Conveniently, they’ve broken down the rankings into league sections as well so we can see where the World Leader in Tebow scores the NHL’s threads.

List below the jump.

1 Montreal Canadiens
2 Boston Bruins
3 New York Rangers
4 Detroit Red Wings
5 Philadelphia Flyers
6 Toronto Maple Leafs
7 Pittsburgh Penguins
8 Minnesota Wild
9 Columbus Blue Jackets
10 New Jersey Devils
11 Chicago Blackhawks
12 Buffalo Sabres
13 New York Islanders
14 San Jose Sharks
15 Florida Panthers
16 Winnipeg Jets
17 Vancouver Canucks
18 Phoenix Coyotes
19 Calgary Flames
20 Tampa Bay Lightning
21 Carolina Hurricanes
22 Nashville Predators
23 Anaheim Ducks
24 Ottawa Senators
25 St. Louis Blues
26 Edmonton Oilers
27 Washington Capitals
28 Los Angeles Kings
29 Dallas Stars
30 Colorado Avalanche

A few thoughts on this list:

- The Habs actually took home the title of best jersey in sports. Montreal, take a bow.

- The Original 6 should always comprise the top six spots on any NHL jersey list. As far as I’m concerned their looks are so classic and awesome that they cannot be touched on any sort of list. If this doesn’t jive with your team, sorry. Philly does have a good look. They can be seven. The Blackhawks should not be 11.

- I’m glad someone has finally pointed out that the Colorado Avalanche threads don’t make any sense and do not look good. With the old jersey style they weren’t half bad, but the modern execution is terrible. A new colour scheme or design would be wonderful. Your move, Reebok.

- The rest of the list looks pretty good. There are obviously some teams in there that are a little confusing. Why are the Florida Panthers so high? Red looks good but that good? No. Columbus and Minnesota will also raise some eyebrows, but I know there are aesthetic motivations behind them which are largely supported.

What do you think? Agree with the list? Do you have objections?

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