Kevin Bieksa is no doubt sharing his NHLPA party stories with kids, getting them excited for their future in the NHL.

Why? Because the NHLPA are a bunch of jokers. We all know this. Union meetings take place at various whimsical children’s restaurants. For the right to speak at a meeting you must wear the funniest hat they have on hand. Union dues are paid with money and a juggling exhibition.

This may or may not be true.

The NHLPA’s meetings at-large seem to be quite a bit of fun though, as the .GIFs below put together by Backhand Shelf’s very own, Mr. Derek Snider, illustrate.

Poor Sidney Crosby. Here he is just minding his own business and some joker — presumably from Vancouver thinking he’s the next Ryan Kesler — decides to ever-so-slowly photobomb the bejeezus out of Sid the Kid.

Contrary to what Claude Giroux tells you, a little respect would be nice here, please.

As if these shenanigans weren’t enough for you folks, the PA also practice synchronization to appear more unified in meetings. Speaking, chanting, moving their heads in unison are all part of being a member of the NHLPA.

Therefore, when you ask a question to one PA member, expect a lot of eyes and tilted heads on you at the same time. When asked for comment on the habit, a PA rep who asked to remain nameless replied, “No YOU’RE a weird cult.”

The NHLPA, like your plugged-in iPod, is very much in synch. They are also very fun, like your unplugged iPod.

Now go and share these photos with the internet. It will thank you.