It’s since been deleted, but earlier today a few people were savvy enough to grab a screenshot of Nazem Kadri’s off-base tweet (assuming you’re the type who thinks kids snorting cocaine is off-base. I know my parents were sticklers about it).

Whether it was an accident, he was hacked, or he’s just oblivious, I have not idea.

Here it is:

Yyyyish… /awkwardly tugs collar

I fail to see the connection between the text and the pic, so I vote that it was just a little oopsie. He likely just connected the wrong pic to the tweet.

(Courtesy @dantastic76 and @mlse)

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  1. Breakout the skates…. breakout the coke. That’s the connection friend.

  2. …is it bad that I laughed?

  3. the correlation? kadri think he’s a thug and rips more lines then a hilroy paper. guy hits the bong and doesn’t even cough.

  4. oh shoot, yeah the text that accompanies it doesn’t make sense…wtf…??

  5. Interesting that COKE Zero just signed a deal with Patrick Sharp…
    Guess he’s jealous…

  6. If you don’t see the correlation between the picture and the words you should probably reconsider your profession.

    A whole new meaning to the term “Nasty Naz” – look for a jersey # change to 8.

  7. i don’t know, something about blades? (razors)

  8. The line’s of, ah, icing sugar look like laces on a skate

  9. While the picture may indeed have been inappropriate, the message is quite clever.

    Knowing Naz’s very confident (borderline cocky) attitude + the words of his tweet + the message “Who’s line is it anyway?” = he’s using the phrase “who’s line is it anyway?” in the context of hockey, and it’s a reciprocal question he’s putting out there.

    Who’s line is it anyway? he’s going to be so good this year, it’s his line now. Which line is he referring to? That isn’t clear in the message, but I’d imagine he’s shooting for the 1C

    ahhaha naz you devil

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