Mike Cammalleri is SO INTENSE.

Yesterday I tweeted something along the lines of wondering what the deal is with NHLers constantly tweeting about BioSteel – do they get paid, is it just suggested, or is the recovery drink so amazing that all these athletes have just felt the need to tweet about it?

I met Mike Cammalleri, he of the oft-used #drinkthepink hashtag (that’s the colour of the drink, obviously), sometime last summer while doing some work with Easton, and I swear to you, the dude would not stop talking about it. Obviously that makes me think it’s the latter (it’s great stuff), and given Bob McKenzie and his sons near-fanaticism about the drink, I’m pretty much convinced. (They make more than the drink, by the way. This morning someone tweeted about eating protein balls. ….Seriously.)

BioSteel runs a weekly summer camp for NHLers who use their product, and it’s quite an array of NHL talent that attends, from Tyler Seguin to Steven Stamkos to Tomas Kaberle to Paul Bissonnette and beyond.

They put together a nice highlight pack from camp to show what these guys go through in trying to get ready for next season, and personally, I found some brand new hockey highlights to watch awfully refreshing. Also, I like rap music, so that helped.

I tracked the video down after seeing the Twitter conversation between Paul Bissonnette and Malcolm Subban. Enjoy.


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  1. It’s so easy to forget how good everyone in the NHL is. It’s easy to write off 4th liners as players who just aren’t very good. But you give them room/time to dick around and it’s amazing how good they are. Obviously, you have to be some type of good to make the show…even if you ride the pine a fair amount.

    • Oh, absolutely – people also don’t realize that Bissonnette’s actually quite an effective player (dude was on the Canadian World Junior team one year) because of his off-ice stuff.

      • He was actually on the U-18 team, not the World Jr team, but the point stands, the guy can play and brings a lot to the room.

        I’m tempted to try the Biosteel stuff but it isn’t cheap, any idea what makes it a better option to other stuff on the market?

        • Their supplements are not anything special. I’ll list their product and then products that are cheaper and of the same, if not better quality.
          Sports drink (basic BCAA product): Scivation Xtend, CORE ABC, Omega Sports Strive, Gaspari Aminolast.
          other 2 products are just protein: Iforce protean, xtreme formulations ultra peptide 2.0, gaspari myofusion, BSN syntha 6, musle pharm combat powder, Truscience Trutein, ect

          You get the point. Their products are not anything revolutionary or special. Don’t overpay for what you don’t have to.

          • It all comes down to name recognition and who backs it. That’s what makes it so special.

  2. I have a family member who trains with Roberts and attends this camp, it’s…a little bit surreal sometimes to see him in the same vids as the guys who get tons of press.

    • What hockey arena is this. We went to st mikes in toronto cause we were told that is where it was happining. Where is it?

  3. You have mentioned many times your work with Easton. Out of curiosity, what exactly do you do for Easton?

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