Fred Brathwaite. (Pic from the

While there’s not a ton of major breaking news today, there has been a handful of interesting stories coming out that I thought I’d touch on today by bringing back “One Touch Passes” – my thoughts on the latest tidbits from around the world of hockey. It’s like what “Bourne’s Blog” used to be, minus the cat pictures. (Though I’d be willing to include them, y’know, if anybody wanted such a thing…)


The NHL’s latest offer:

The League came back at the NHLPA yesterday with their latest proposal for a new CBA. In a nutshell, they don’t want to roll back salaries, but want to drop the salary cap a whole whackload of money…which would mean the players would pay more in escrow, which would be the same as a rollback, so…for them, what’s the difference?

If the players agreed to the hard cap, more than half the league would be over the cap immediately, so they’d have to offer some sort of amnesty buyout on crappy contracts (hi, Scott Gomez!).

Here’s the official proposal numbers from Darren Dreger:



The bottom tweet is a little confusing for me, given the owners first offer. They’re okay with going with giving the players 51.6% of the hockey related revenue after initially offering 43%? That’s a pretty substantial change.

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Most hockey players understand that you can’t sit out a year, then return to peak form upon your return, especially when your opponents have been battling it out that whole season, making each other better.

So, rumour has it that Sidney Crosby would consider giving the KHL a go after Christmas if the NHL season were to be officially cancelled.

Pavel Lysenkov of Sovetsky Sport interviewed Evgeni Malkin during a charity game recently, and he included that tidbit in a tweet:

It’s only a maybe, but I know I’d enjoy seeing him play less games, score a ton of points, and stay sharp. It’d be a welcome reprieve for his grey matter, methinks.

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Kyle Turris has signed a five-year contract with the Ottawa Senators.

Funny, the kid went from highly-touted Coyotes prospect, to hated hold-out, to suddenly being a big part of the Sens future. He did look great after he got his fresh start, so it’ll be interesting to see the terms when they come out. What do you think he’s worth? Three mill a year, climbing to four, maybe?


Remember Fred Brathwaite? Well, he wants to play in the NHL again.

In all seriousness, who doesn’t? I feel like we’re hearing more and more of these stories. Brathwaite wants in. Alexei Kovalev wants to come back across the pond. Cristobal Huet wants to return to the League.

I mean, shocker, right? “I desire to play in that uber-high-paying, fame-rewarding league that provides one with a comfortable lifestyle and brighter future.” Kudos to the guy for trying and all, but at this point….hey, players in Europe: we want in too.


Ruslan Salei was one of the players that passed away during the tragic Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash nearly a year ago. Before a charity fundraiser in his name, they played a sand art tribute video to him, and it’s truly incredible.

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And finally…

*** has released some of their pre-season fantasy hockey rankings:




My thoughts: the left-winger list, while crazy difficult to order up, has one ranking that stands out pretty aggressively – is Scott Hartnell really a better fantasy prospect that Alex Ovechkin this year? (Hint: he’s not.)

Also, there seems to be a huge talent gap between left and right wingers. I mean, if I have to take 10 wingers, eight would be from the left side. I realize that’s probably just pure chance, but still, weird.

And in the middle, you can have Eric Staal or Pavel Datsyuk, go.