The return of The Dream Team

If you’re a fan of a Canadian team and living in the US, NBC would like to pass along a message: “go kick rocks.” In their defense, Canadian hockey fans suffer no shortage of hockey coverage in their native country, so there’s no real reason to pander to those who’ve left.

The TV schedule for NBC and the NBC Sports Network was released today, and the good news is that they’re covering more games than they ever have before. Before we address that, here’s a quick look at the amount of times they’re going to show the teams north of the border:

Vancouver: zero – go poop in your hat.
Calgary: none – take a hike down Beat It Street.
Edmonton: nada - long walk, short pier.
Ottawa: zip - go fly a kite.
Winnipeg: zilch – put an egg in your shoe and beat it.
Toronto: TWO – high fives, hugs, fist pumps.
Montreal: FIVE – fireworks, streamers, parades.

I’m not exactly sure why Montreal gets more than Toronto, but y’know…they do. Let’s look at the games NBC has scheduled as of now:

Original six, Pittsburgh, Philly and the defending Cup champs. Got it. They don’t get started until November (though NBCSN is up and kicking from day one), but once they do, they throw themselves into the mix pretty aggressively.

The schedule for the other networks has been released as well, so if you’re looking to see their coverage, you can check them out here:

NBCSN (Showing over 100 games this season – great news for Americans.)



The growth of the coverage shows that the NHL’s onward-and-upward momentum has continued, assuming there’s games to televise, of course.

Canadians in the US don’t have too much to complain about, especially with the birth of GameCenter, which is both terrific and affordable. Could be worse – remember when it was just one game a week on the Outdoor Life Network? That was less than a decade ago.

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  1. Also, they will be showing nothing west of St. Louis with the exception of LA twice…but only because they are the defending Cup champs…and then both of the games they show are in Wash. & Pitt. Wasn’t there expansion back in 1967 or something?

    • My thoughts exactly. As a Texan I’m probably biased…but the pacific divison is very tight and it makes for some great hockey in the spring

      • The NBCSN schedule is much more well-rounded. But still, the teams on the NBC schedule aren’t exactly hurting for fans

  2. I’d still love to see hockey on NBC broadcast on a weeknight. It’ll be a nice breather from all the Law & Order episodes and results shows of The Voice. Then again, you might have a bunch of people who can’t tell it apart from a reality show, even with Pierre McGuire “inside the glass.”

    • I second that. While the Sunday afternoon games are nice to be able to watch, I would like to see them offer at least a few weekday games.

  3. Wow…I shouldn’t be surprised, but really? The Devils went to the Stanley Cup finals and don’t get one appearance on NBC? I’m sure everyone is DYING to see Philly, Detroit, Boston and Pittsburgh 38 times.

  4. Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet.

    Oilers sign Ebs! Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.

  5. The NHL season starts the first week of October, any valid reason that NBC or any American network for that matter neglects to show NHL games? Pre empting The facts of Life or another rerun?? SAD

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