It’s impossible to predict exactly when the NHL’s owners and players will come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement, but hockey fans, know this – as soon as a lockout threatens games, Backhand Shelf will be spearheading a fan-first campaign. We will make a statement.

In the meantime, we have what I consider one of the best hockey videos ever made for you to enjoy. (Whether you agree with the sentiment or not, you should appreciate the compilation.) I teared up just a touch. Maybe you will too.

(Major thanks to r4ndomduud for making this amazing video)

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  1. Those last couple of minutes are gold. I didn’t think I’d tear up, but I did.

    I miss hockey so much right now.

  2. “I promised Mess I wouldn’t do this….”

    That was amazing… Thank God I get on the ice tomorrow; hell, I might strap on my rollerblades and go skating right now. I want my hockey, dammit!!!

  3. Great stuff! About time the fans were heard! Here is another article in that same vain.

  4. Damn. That got me. A question: is there any point in STH’s writing to their team and telling them to smarten up? It burns me to watch the Canucks making money hand over fist while they nickel-and-dime the arena workers and engage in these shenanigans with the players.

  5. How about the season ticket holders league wide don’t buy for this season and we ensure that nobody else picks any up either. Nothing says a bigger F U to this whole process than having a season played in empty arenas.

  6. im already depressed about no cba the most important component of hockey is the fan a hokey game would be funny with no fans bettman is a jerk we the fans rule and fill the arenas with our booos and wooohs cuz we love the game

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