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OMG, you guys, did you hear? Dion Phaneuf proposed to his now-fiance Elisha Cuthbert and she said YESSSSSS. Cray cray.

By all accounts (okay, one), they had 40-some people go to a lobster restaurant in PEI, where he proposed. At least he didn’t do it like this asshole.

How is this news relevant to you, you ask?

….I got nothin’.


If there really is an NHL lockout, it’s not the end of the world. We all still get to play the game, and computers, the internet and television coverage have all improved enough that if you really want to watch some puck, you can find some.

It looks like one of those options will be the AHL, which will be periodically broadcast in Canada, and possibly in the US too.

From Chris Botta of Sports Business Daily:

The talent-level in the AHL isn’t that far off the NHL (at the top end, anyway), and with the amount of NHLers that would go down and play, the League would be awfully impressive to watch. So, there’s that.


Lubomir Visnovsky has his day in court this afternoon, appealing his trade from the Anaheim Ducks to the New York Islanders.

You should check out Sean Leahy’s post on the situation over at Puck Daddy, but for those of you looking for the Coles Notes:

* Lubo signed a deal with the Kings. It included a No Trade Clause.

* Before the NTC kicked in (like, days before), he was traded to the Oilers.

* Teams are not obligated to honour NTC’s given by other teams (though they can).

* Tambellini traded Lubo to Anaheim without asking him, which implies they had simply chosen not to honour his NTC, which was within their rights.

* The Ducks traded Visnovsky to the Isles, because, maybe I’m missing something here, but it appears his NTC went poof when he got traded before it kicked in.

Visnovsky just wants to get traded to one of the 10 teams on his list, and not, y’know, the Islanders. I don’t have all the facts here, but from where I’m sitting, I can’t see a logical reason why the trade would be overturned.

 Plus, dude, I know the arena is garbage, but Long Island is great, and you get to play on a team that’s going to win more games than the Ducks next season, just stick it out! /troll’d


And finally, from Reddit Hockey user “whelpltn“, some fan out there is less than subtle about his dislike for the Pittsburgh Penguin’s captain:

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  1. I am hearing that Sean Avery is best Man.

  2. Frank Crosby? I love that guy!

  3. Poor Dion Phaneuf. The look on his face is “Oh God, I’m marrying WHO?” as opposed to “Have fun being the cattiest of the harpies in the rec league, Avery.”

  4. Oh would THAT be awesome if we could see some AHL on TV. I’m still sad that our dinky IHL/WCHL/ECHL team, the Gulls, here in San Diego folded years ago – we were season ticket holders!

    • The arena was old and nasty, but Gulls games were always a good time. There’s no excuse for a city San Diego’s size not to have a professional hockey team.

  5. Dion Phaneuf looks like a Neanderthal so I imagine this is his thought process.
    (Stolen shamelessly from my brother)

  6. Hope he did the right thing and asked mr. bauer for permission… cause if he didnt, he’s got 24 hours to live

  7. not sure the KIA with the creative license plate will outlast sid’s career. i heard they are the least stolen cars in the world cuz the theives cant get anything for parts or accessories.

  8. I hope other networks will pick up some AHL games as well, and make them national so that we all can see them – not just locally!
    That is great hockey to watch, especially why the “Special People” are sitting on the hands.

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