Wednesday September 5th, a day that I will never forget. The day was winding down and I was beginning to tidy up my desk and get ready to head home. As most people who are into social media do, I had my twitter account up and noticed some new tweets in my timeline. One in particular caught my eye, it was retweeted by a former co-worker of mine by the name of Ryan Fabro.


As any red blooded male who has ever seen Paulina Gretzky would do I clicked on the link in anticipation, and while I would not put this in her  top 10 photos of all time, I nodded in acknowledgement and closed the link. As I continued tidying up my stuff (my desk can get messy), it hit me: I follow Paulina Gretzky, why wasn’t that tweet in my timeline??

Did I accidentally “unfollow” her?

Was it an old tweet?

Was there some cruel twitter virus that was spreading through the internet like wildfire?

I clicked on her account profile and realized that I was no longer following her.

No problem I thought, this is an easy fix. Click on the ‘follow’ button and you will be back in the magical world that is Paulina Gretzky. Or so I thought!

How can this be???? What could I have done to offend her? When I get home will Dave Semenko be waiting to beat me up?

My mind was racing, then some thoughts popped into my head.

There are 3 places where I could have offended her to the point of blocking me: Twitter, Live @ The Score, and The Backhand Shelf podcast.


Let’s start with twitter. Most of my tweets regarding Paulina have been complimentary

C’mon! What woman wouldn’t blush at something like that?

Then I did a little more digging

But that was my wife Paulina, not me! Surely you can’t be angry at me for what SHE said…….oh crap:

OK…that might have done it.

Live @TheScore

This is a daily live show on The Score Television network where on an appearance with Renee Paquette and Cam Stewart we may or may not have shown the following picture on a 106 inch screen

In the immortal words of George Costanza: Was that wrong??

Backhand Shelf podcast

In my (and Justin Bourne’s) defense, do you REALLY expect two guys who host a hockey podcast to look at the above picture and NOT talk about it. Seriously.

Ok Paulina, you had every right to block me….but….(sniff sniff)….I promised Justin I wouldn’t do this…..

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  1. Way to go Kelly! geeeeeeez. tough loss Rob.

  2. None of those tweets actually has her twitter handle in them, so they would never show up in her mentions. So did she follow Pizzo, someone told/tweeted her about it, or does she search her name constantly because of her obsession with herself? The mystery continues…

  3. @ Casper: I know right!

    @ Aaron: lets not forget where the Gretzky family is from…Brantford Ontario. Perhaps a family member was tuning into live at the Score and passed on the information

    #PaulinaGate continues

  4. Sorry Rob. *bro hug*

  5. Let’s not be coy here, Pizzo. The real reason you’re upset is because your dream of a threesome with the Great One Jr. is now officially destroyed.

  6. (Although, technically, by some stretches of the definition, viewing that photo with others may qualify as a threesome…. Just sayin’)

  7. Love the Gretz reference at the very end.
    And damn that Paulina…damn her and her lacy obsessions.

  8. Sorry… I don’t think she’s all hot at all. Actually, I’m not sorry. And I still don’t think she’s attractive.

    Slutty? Sure. Trashy? Yeah. A bit skeevy? One could make the argument. A walking testament to everything I think about bubble-headed SoCal Party Girls? Guilty until proven innocent.

    For every pic I’ve seen of her where you might make the argument that she’s hot, there are 2 or 3 more that makes me think I wouldn’t touch her with a Zdeno Chara length stick without safety gloves and a Hazmat mask.

    Every time I see her name in print or picture somewhere, I feel Wayne’s shame.

    To each their own I guess.

  9. Guess i’ll have to find a new site to learn about all things hockey (read: get my Gretzky pics from). Thanks guys. It’s been a pleasure. I may still come back to read Ellen’s articles.

    …is that wrong?

  10. Does anyone else find it hilarious that Jeff O’Neill’s name shows up in that screencap as people that follow Paulina?

  11. is that Biz Nasty with her in that spread eagle shot? The guy is everywhere!

  12. This post was really alienating for a female fan. I’ve enjoyed reading Backhand Shelf but this post was so sleazy and gross that it I felt like I was actually being told to fuck off and leave the boys to their club.

  13. This is really gross. You’re simultaneously saying “Hurr hurr, I love to leer at her sexy pics.” while implying she’s a slut and saying “Oh, and my wife thinks so too.”

    You were a jerk. She blocked you.

  14. Your wife has 13 followers but nary a tweet! That takes skills!

  15. She’s living off Daddy’s name. If her last name wasn’t Gretzky she’d be just another bimbo doing porn to get attention. Wayne must be so proud………

  16. I felt Ms. Gretzky’s Blocking skills too Pizzo.

  17. Mr. Bourne, this evening Rob Pizzo retweeted the following:
    @Sid_Seixeiro: Serena Williams wins another U.S. Open. He’s one of the greatest of all-time. #serena #usopen

    Mr. Pizzo then tweeted:
    @robpizzo: @Sid_Seixeiro you know when someone types “LOL”, but really it’s bull shit as they are not really doing it? I legit Lol’ed at that tweet.

    Mr. Bourne and Mr. Pizzo, how can you claim to care about LGBT issues while promoting someone who makes / making this lame joke that insults both women and transgendered people?

    As for this article, I was going to ignore it, but not anymore. There’s something off here. This type of “Paulina-Gretzky-makes-me-wanna-fuck-a-fistful-of-lotion,” “my-wife-thinks-she’s-a-whore” post is bad enough. It’s goddamn soul-breaking in light of the fact that this site has been featuring videos all summer that lionize Paul Bissonnette for the same type of sexual behavior. (Seriously, what the fuck are you guys thinking?)

    For months now I’ve loved reading your site because your work is absolutely great. I’ve so admired the fact that everyone here clearly cares about LGBT issues and that you, Mr. Bourne, had a seminal role in the foundation of the You Can Play campaign. I also have enjoyed your site because you promote talented people who do good work, some of whom happen to be women.

    Mr. Bourne, you can’t advocate for LGBT people and be a friend to women and question the gender of the US Open champion and slut-shame Paulina Gretzky. It’s hypocritical and absolutely beneath you, this site, and, yes, Rob Pizzo.

    And Mr. Pizzo, I was THRILLED to read that Paulina Gretzky blocked you. It’s the healthiest thing she’s done in months. Seriously, Rob, I’ve liked your work and I’m sure you’re a great guy, but these type of posts and tweets make the world just a little bit more lousy. Thanks for that.

  18. I don’t drop a leave a response, however after looking at through a few of the responses on Why Paulina

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