Wednesday September 5th, a day that I will never forget. The day was winding down and I was beginning to tidy up my desk and get ready to head home. As most people who are into social media do, I had my twitter account up and noticed some new tweets in my timeline. One in particular caught my eye, it was retweeted by a former co-worker of mine by the name of Ryan Fabro.


As any red blooded male who has ever seen Paulina Gretzky would do I clicked on the link in anticipation, and while I would not put this in her  top 10 photos of all time, I nodded in acknowledgement and closed the link. As I continued tidying up my stuff (my desk can get messy), it hit me: I follow Paulina Gretzky, why wasn’t that tweet in my timeline??

Did I accidentally “unfollow” her?

Was it an old tweet?

Was there some cruel twitter virus that was spreading through the internet like wildfire?

I clicked on her account profile and realized that I was no longer following her.

No problem I thought, this is an easy fix. Click on the ‘follow’ button and you will be back in the magical world that is Paulina Gretzky. Or so I thought!

How can this be???? What could I have done to offend her? When I get home will Dave Semenko be waiting to beat me up?

My mind was racing, then some thoughts popped into my head.

There are 3 places where I could have offended her to the point of blocking me: Twitter, Live @ The Score, and The Backhand Shelf podcast.


Let’s start with twitter. Most of my tweets regarding Paulina have been complimentary

C’mon! What woman wouldn’t blush at something like that?

Then I did a little more digging

But that was my wife Paulina, not me! Surely you can’t be angry at me for what SHE said…….oh crap:

OK…that might have done it.

Live @TheScore

This is a daily live show on The Score Television network where on an appearance with Renee Paquette and Cam Stewart we may or may not have shown the following picture on a 106 inch screen

In the immortal words of George Costanza: Was that wrong??

Backhand Shelf podcast

In my (and Justin Bourne’s) defense, do you REALLY expect two guys who host a hockey podcast to look at the above picture and NOT talk about it. Seriously.

Ok Paulina, you had every right to block me….but….(sniff sniff)….I promised Justin I wouldn’t do this…..