I’ll be honest – I’m not exactly sure why guys are signing contracts before finding out what the next CBA is going to look like. Actually, more accurately, I’m not sure why NHL teams are doing that. But whatever, they are, and Brad Marchand is the latest guy to put pen to paper.

His deal is for four years (seems like the right time to be signing up for FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!), which takes him through 2016-2017 (he has one year left on his current deal), and is worth 18 million bucks.

This looks like a completely reasonable deal for both sides to me: Marchand’s a valuable contributor who scored 28 times as a 23 year old, finishing just one behind team leader Tyler Seguin. Plus, he also brings that sandpaper-pest stuff that so many opponents hate to play.

And on Marchand’s end, making over four shmill a year should be enough to keep him motivated.

I think the real reason he re-upped to stay out East is his fear of the Sedin twins. I’ve heard he’s super-intimidated by those two, and just wants to minimize the times he has to face them.