Every single person in Los Angeles got a tattoo after the Kings won the Stanley Cup. Not like, a few people. Not a dozen, but like, all of the people who live within the city limits, and most of the people who live in California. At least that’s how it appears.

The great Kings blog “The Royal Half” has a feature up where they compiled all the pics people sent into the LA’s Twitter feed when the Kings requested that people send in shots of their fresh tats. There’s like, a million of them.

I honestly had no idea so many people did this to celebrate sporting wins. At least the Kings have cool colours and a great logo, otherwise this could really be a mess.

The one at the top of this post might be my favourite for entertainment value (or the one below), but really, go check those out here, LA stINK. Wow.

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  1. I’m happy to report that while I live in California, I did not – repeat, did NOT – get Kings ink after they won the Cup. I really want these people to invade the Shark Tank big-time, just to piss off Sharks fans. I’ll ask them to show everybody their ink. ;) My vote goes to the foot, btw. He/she just needs a set of Kings flip flops and voila!

  2. That is my tattoo at the top and just so EVERYBODY knows, ANYBODY who is a REAL FAN, and goes to EVERY GAME, knows that I have had that 90′s logo on me WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before we won the cup! That rest was just waiting to happen! WAITING SINCE 1991! Anyone wanna see who this real fan is, then add me on facebook. facebook.com/emad.elmaraghi

    • Emad. Youre a bitch. Ive been to every game since the 90′s and have never seen you. Now all of a sudden you show up flashing your tattoo at games with your banner trying to be Mr. Kings. Youre a fucking joke.

    • HAHAHA YES JOHN!!!! Iv’e been going to games since the 90′s as well. And not ONCE before 2011 have I seen this guy. And YES WHAT A FUCKING ATTENTION WHORE. IT MAKES ME FUCKING SICK. ADDING PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK DOES’T MAKE YOU A TRUE FAN. THE MORE TATTOOS OF THE KINGS LOGO DOES NOT MAKE YOU A TRUE FAN. SUCK A DICK EMAD. YOU’RE A FUCKING JOKE DUDE. I’m sure in the next couple years or even this year we won’t be seeing you around anymore. Suck a bag of dicks.

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