With the new CBA expiring, we’re seeing a rash of contract signings, being that owners are trying to lock guys up before they have to pay them less wait why are owners signing guys now?

Anyway, they still are, and Tyler Seguin got his deal done today. It’s for six seasons, and will pay him $5.75 million average annual value, which seems awfully fair to me. He’s coming off a season where he threatened 30 goals, and led the Bruins in points (67) as a 20 year old.

I’ve seen a number of places today comparing his deal to those of Jeff Skinner and Taylor Hall, and it is (Skinner’s deal has a hit of $5.725, Hall’s $6M per, terms were all similar). The good news for the Bruins is that, if you had to pick one of those three players, I think you’re taking Seguin.

Hall seems to have the biggest floor-to-ceiling range in his career (injuries have been a problem). Skinner is reliable and dangerous, but seems to lack a bit of that “superstar” flair. Seguin, on the other hand, seems like a lock to be a 30 goal, 70 point guy (and I could see his ceiling being higher than that), and he has a personality the fans love. Plus, I mean…dude is a Stanley Cup champion.

I’m looking forward to seeing if he finds a way to take that “next step.” If he does, he’ll be worth all of the deal he just signed, and more.

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  1. Sign em now so you can roll them back later!

  2. I don’t know about Hall or Skinner, but Seguin got a lot better devensively this season too.

  3. Seguin’s first stride may be the most explosive in all of hockey, he’s fast but it’s his first 1 or 2 strides that really set him apart, watching him bringing the puck up through the neutral zone is something to behold. I mean look at this goal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRy22jrvG7M , he gets the pass at the dot while just coasting, and after 2 strides he’s got 5 feet of space from McBain, and then ho-hum top cheese on Cam Ward like he’s a damn shooter-tutor. I could see him challenging for a couple Hart’s before he’s done.

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