I am dying laughing. Well, now I’m just smiling as I type this, but moments ago, I was scaring my cats a little. The bar has been raised for entertaining hockey interviews, and we have the assistant coach of the OCN Blizzard, Clay DeBray, to thank for that.

In hockey leagues around the continent that aren’t being locked out, pre-season is under way (specifically the junior leagues). The OCN Blizzard play in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League, and are in the process of selecting their team for the season. After beating the Flin Flon Bombers the previous night (a fact completely irrelevant to this post, I just wanted to include as many great prairie town names as possible), the Blizzard couldn’t hold on in the third period against the Nippawin Hawks, losing 4-1.

Here’s the interview with Coach DeBray, and it is amazing. The guy could not possibly sound more Canadian while neatly articulating why they didn’t get the big dubya. It really gets hot around the 35 second mark.

Turkeys, trains, garages and cats always make for cohesive analogies. I love  it.


UPDATE: AMAZING, CRUCIAL UPDATE: As commenter Drew points out below, Clay DeBray was having a little fun with his interviewer (makes so much more sense now – pre-season loss and all), and in turn, us:

When I tore my MCL, I did colour commentary with the Idaho Steelheads, and my then-girlfriend now-wife was listening to the game. She’d text me a word, and I’d try to work it into my next sentence. Cow-a-bunga! My roommates and I used to do this with quotes in the college paper too (five word checklist for the season).

I seriously love this stuff. Clay DeBray, you’re a champ.

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  1. Hope it’s not too much of a killjoy, but most of that was in an NHL Network ad from several years ago. Still funny of him to say it in a serious interview, though.


  2. One has to wonder if their coaching staff has a running bet going on who can get the most different cliches into an interview:)). That was pretty funny.

  3. Hahahaha, Brad, if you’re aware that this is here: this is an epic interview and now you’re famous on the score buddy… Proud of you. Still sucks you’re in Manitoba. But you’re on the score now.

  4. Habits for Highly Successful People:
    Stuff the turkey
    Put the turkey in the oven
    Something about a train??
    Put the cat in the hat

    Love it!

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