Vague headline, but that’s basically where we’re at in terms of real, hard facts on this one (courtesy a translated RDS report). But hey, let’s kick the idea around anyway.

One of the reasons it’s come up, from what I gather, is that the Canadiens think PK and his boisterous, jovial personality would clash with Michel Therrien, the Habs (frequently surly) new bench boss. If true (as was suggested in that RDS piece) this is terrible, stupid reasoning. 

First off, save for Carey Price, PK Subban is the biggest star on the team (and if you ask me, he’s more important to the team than Price). You knew what his personality was like before you hired Therrien. So if you now have to move your stud d-man because his personality might clash with the coach’s, well, maybe you didn’t think your last hire through all that well. Were they unaware of their roster when they were going through the hiring process?

What kills me is that as a player, I was PK Subban, personality-wise. Rarely serious, smiling a lot, usually laughing. My coaches hated that. It was the one unanimous beef my coaches all shared when it came to me. (Though I’ve twice been called into the coaches office and told to “be a clown, lighten the mood in there,” so I guess they had some use for it here and there.)

The thing is, most coaches and managers think it means you don’t care, and that’s not the case at all. I like to think I cared as much as anyone, that was just my personality. It’s not guys like PK and myself start doing magic tricks on the bench in overtime. But in practice, I never understood why being stone-faced is supposed to be an advantage.

The point is, the guy plays his balls off and has a ton of talent – who even considers moving a young guy with those attributes?

It’s not that I wouldn’t ever trade PK Subban if I were the Canadiens – hell, I think it’s silly to label anyone “untouchable,” you should always listen. The Flyers have been relentless in their pursuit of a stud d-man the last few years, with the deal to Pronger not working out and the offer sheet for Shea Weber failing, so you could see them parting with one or two of their young assets to get what they want (they’re currently in “Holy shit we have to protect Bryzgalov he’s terrible” mode, so maybe now’s not such a bad time to fleece them).

But if they’re thinking of moving PK Subban for any other reason than “we got a crap-load of stuff back in return,” they’d be mental. The guy is a still maturing 23 year old with a ton of value. He’s an RFA, and the fact that it’s even taken this long to get him a new deal has to be frustrating for the young defenseman. If it’s true that the Habs actually offered him two years for a total of $5.5M, then I have no idea what Montreal is doing, aside from trying to run the guy out of town.

But if the Canadiens have proven anything to us lately, it’s that they’re not afraid to mix in a few terrible decisions. Either way, as @67sound said on Twitter, with GM’s Marc Bergevin and Paul Holmgren being in discussions, I’m grabbing myself some popcorn and staying tuned.