This blog isn’t usually a hotspot for fashion discussion, but today some players were dressed so spectacularly it needs to be highlighted.

Bruce Arthur was in attendance for the NHLPA presser, and he snapped this shot of the well dressed (and holy shit ripped) Tyler Seguin, a guy who appears to be a cross of Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand riding a chicken dressed in boat shoes with a Chili Peppers t-shirt (I believe it’s Lucic – shouldn’t he be taller?), and….Henrik Zetterberg.

Dude is tongues out in all-white high tops, in either track or dress pants (please be track), a simple “PEACE” tee and a cardigan that sort of matches his flat brimmed (presumably) Tigers hat.

If I had to guess how Zetterberg dressed in his spare time, I only would’ve gotten one thing right: the cardigan.

(Stick-tap to Puck Daddy)