I understand that this is likely a minority opinion because it’s terrible business, but if I were an NHL player, I’d rather we just drop the puck on the season and earn less. I’d rather accept the most recent NHL proposal (after one more counter) than sit out.

$1.7M instead of $2.3? Kay. I’ll live. I’d want UFA rules to stay the same, and I’d want entry level contracts to stay at three years. Most of the rest of it…I mean, guys can’t believe how much money they make. I played with a guy who got called up for two weeks and matched his entire season’s AHL pay. He was flabbergasted. 

And what about money now vs. money later? Where you’re talking big money like this, who cares if you earn it back in five years? It’d be nice to put that money – some money – to work for you now. What could it do for you in gains if you got to invest it today instead of next year? Would you really be that far behind?

And I understand you can’t just say “kay” and let the owners push you around, but that proposal – which you could still make a counter-offer on and get to 50% of HRR each – isn’t exactly abusive. Humans are competitive, and nobody wants to lose, but man, sitting out a season would sound terrible to me.

Of course, I wouldn’t go to the media and say “I want to play, some others want to play too.” I get that there’s people involved that would essentially be protecting me from myself in this. But still – I don’t want to start up fresh in Switzerland. I want to *visit* Switzerland, not need an apartment and stuff and be told when to be where. I quite think I’d quite like being in the NHL, and would quite enjoy staying right wherever home is, established. Let’s just play.

The old guys are worried about losing years, shots at the Cup, and not making back the money they’d forfeit even if the players did get a better deal. The younger guys want to get that first year of paychecks, to eat up their entry level contracts, and move closer to their big payday. Hey, you only have so many hockey playing years in your body, you gotta cash in while you can.

I know that, mathematically, my thinking may be way off. But as a hockey player, I know that if I were pushing myself through a few extra squats today while considering the taxes I pay on my house on the lake, I’d be thinking “Whatever with this haggling bullshit. Let’s just play.”