Up until the NHL’s Gary Bettman era, pro sports didn’t deal with a whole ton of work stoppages. It was somewhat rare to be locked out by one of the big four sports leagues. But, since he came around….yikes.

The NHL has missed more games than any other league over the past two decades, and is on track to miss more. That’s meant that a good number of players were around for two lockouts;  heading into the third of Bettman’s tenur, there are a total of 14 who will have been a part of all three. 

Naturally, you don’t play in the NHL for long enough to complete the hattrick if you aren’t a good player.

Here’s the 14 players who’ve accomplished the odd feat:

Jaromir Jagr
Teemu Selanne
Jason Arnott
Ray Whitney
Brian Rolston
Chris Pronger (Asterisk here, being that he wouldn’t be able to play if the League let him)
Sergei Gonchar
Martin Brodeur
Roman Hamrlik
Sean O’Donnell 
Adrian Aucoin
Nikolai Khabibulin
Ryan Smyth (three games played prior to first lockout)
Jamie Langenbrunner (two NHL games played prior to first lockout)

Quite the esteemed list, hey? I have to admit I needed Google help to figure out where the hell Sean O’Donnell plays at this point (Chicago).

As we enter day two of Operation Money Grab, the NHL and NHLPA aren’t talking. It’d be great if they’d get their act together so we can see some of the names on this list back in action before they decide to retire.

(Stick-tap to Rob Pizzo)

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  1. I count 13: 4 D, 2 C, 5 W, 2 G. Somebody missing? (Sorry that this comment is not substantive.)

  2. Given that injured players are still getting paid, I’m not sure Chris Pronger belongs on this list even with an asterisk.

  3. Just to clarify – there are only 7 active players (including Proger) that actually played a game before the lockout in 1994-95. They are Selanne, Pronger, Brodeur, Jagr, Arnott, Whitney and Hamrlik. The remaining players on your list played in 1994-95, but after the lockout ended on January 11, 1995.

  4. i think its safe to say they would have been on those teams opening day roster, thus qualifying them for this list, as they were actually affected by the lockout

    • Incorrect sir. Smyth was a late season addition and played the entire year in Moose Jaw of the WHL, Aucoin played one game late in the year for Vancouver and the remainder in Syracuse (71 games), O’Donnell played a total of 15 games for the, but played the bulk of the season for Rochester and Langenbrunner played in the OHL and a few games at teh end of the year for Dallas

  5. It should be part of the new CBA that any amount of time Jagr remains in the NHL he must not cut his hair for that length of time. That hair was just too legendary for the world to be deprived of its greatness. He’s being and selfish and only thinking of himself by keeping it short, when it could be a source of inspiration for millions around the world (and elsewhere).

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