As we all know by now, Alex Ovechkin is an electric hockey player, and not just as an offensive star. He also trucks people on occasion, and being that there’s less expected contact in the KHL than the NHL (by most accounts), we could be seeing a lot of this this season:

Nice back-check, clean, separated the man from the puck – the perfect hit.

(One question unrelated to the hit: I recently saw his linemates and didn’t recognize the names. Why wouldn’t he go all Miami Heat this year, grab a couple fellow Russian stars and team up?)

By the way, good news: first person to claim that hit isn’t clean receives our Officially Over-Sensitive About Hitting in Hockey award. Please don’t.

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  1. NIce Caps Gloves!

  2. KHL is in full swing already? You guys need to cover it better!!

    • Yes! More KHL coverage on here. Their site is not particularly user-friendly, so it be nice if you guys could find the high-value info for us lazy browsers.

  3. Better yet TSN should broadcast it!! (Hate the score’s huge ticker during a live event therefore prefer it on other networks who take it off during the game)

  4. great play. back check create a neutral zone turnover…turn and attack…create a quality scoring chance.

    • Agreed. Wow, that whole sequence was nice (despite the original offensive zone turn over). Ovie had a great back-heck and hit. Then the transition play back into the offensive zone was as near perfect as you can get.

      • Just watched it a 2nd time….I said near perfect. I’m pretty sure that’s about as perfect as you can get.

  5. Ovie’s a big fish over in the KHL – the way he caught that guy just goes to show the higher level of compete and fitness in the NHL.

    I like how he wanted the puck again down low as they attacked on the rush – maybe some slightly easier play in the KHL will get Ovie back into the game.

  6. Homeboy in the slot should have passed it.

  7. Kind of surprised he doesn’t get #8 over there though… is it retired or something?

    • He wore #32 in Russia before coming over, and switched to 8 to honor his mother’s participation in Olympic basketball for the USSR.

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