Most hardcore hockey players who’ve spent their share of time scouring shops checking out the latest gear are aware of an undeniable truth: if you’re a sucker for gimmicks, you can spend endless dollars buying the latest game-improving “tools.”

Golf probably sits at number one in the “buy this and improve your _____!” market, but hockey has a quick fix for most things too.

Still, we all have to admit: holy shit do we hockey players go through a lot of sock tape, and that seems incredibly wasteful, both environmentally and financially. The only thing worse than being uber-wasteful is being the guy who using skate laces instead of tape. Or worse, uses cloth tape on his socks (likely opposite colour to socks), meaning he’s still being wasteful while looking like a complete duster.

Companies have tried and failed to get us to do the velcro straps and beyond, but I dunno, it just hasn’t taken.

Sock Trap took the latest kick at the can, and sent me some to review. I played Tuesday and Wednesday night this week, meaning HOLY HELL I’M TIRED TODAY. Also, I’m ready to offer my thoughts:

Essentially, Sock Trap’s reusable strips are a one-piece version of the velcro straps, plus elastic. Those two words after the comma make them worth having.

They’re not remotely complex, and that’s the point: they’re user friendly. They come in packs of four, black and white, and cost 10 dollars to not have to buy sock tape for, I dunno, I’m guessing you’d easily get a year out of them. They’re simpler than tape too. That they’re only offered in black and white sucks – no good wearing a colour your team doesn’t, but if you rock either of those two, you’re laughing (the video at the bottom of the post does note that they plan on offering a full range of colours).

They’re half velcro (inside), half elastic (the key part), and smooth on the outside. Basically, you turn them inside out, pull them up, give ‘em a quick flip, and your socks stay there and don’t move, without cutting off the circulation to your legs.

Which…kay. That’s always been the basic goal of sock tape, hence it having more give than cloth.

I don’t review products that aren’t worth mention (if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all), and I found these worthy of one.

I used to get laughed at by my teammates because of how loosely I put tape on my socks. I wanted some, but I didn’t want my feet to fall off by the end of game due to lack of circulation. Point is, I’m sensitive about my sock tape situation. These were perfect for me.

They don’t pay me or anything, I’m passing these along honestly – 10 bucks, simple, and stop dealing with mountains of tape. Though I also find this worthy of mention: buying these for your kids means they’ll never get to carry a massive Team Tape Ball in their bag, which was oddly fun during minor hockey.

You can buy them here, and you can learn more about them here.