Earlier today Jamie Kellner of @CanesCountry and the Cane’s Country Blog shared the picture above, which shows Jordan Staal wearing a statement-making jersey.

From the blog:

Twelve Carolina Hurricanes players sported a new look at Raleigh Center Ice today when they took the ice in NHLPA jerseys. The jerseys are black or white with an opposite color NHLPA logo and feature a #ThePlayers hashtag front and back.

According to a tweet from forward Anthony Stewart, the jerseys arrived in the mail today.

#ThePlayers are united, you guys. #solidarity #unity #soliunidarity #enough

I suppose it’s not like it’s overly difficult to send out a couple jerseys – it makes more sense than turning your jersey inside out – it just seems a bit silly.

None of these public shows of unity, or claims that they “just want to play” matter for a damn thing. There’s a business deal to be done here, and it feels like both sides (mostly the NHLPA) are more concerned with the PR battle. Get in a room and get to work, please.

(Really, a Twitter hashtag? That’ll solve everything.)