Earlier today Jamie Kellner of @CanesCountry and the Cane’s Country Blog shared the picture above, which shows Jordan Staal wearing a statement-making jersey.

From the blog:

Twelve Carolina Hurricanes players sported a new look at Raleigh Center Ice today when they took the ice in NHLPA jerseys. The jerseys are black or white with an opposite color NHLPA logo and feature a #ThePlayers hashtag front and back.

According to a tweet from forward Anthony Stewart, the jerseys arrived in the mail today.

#ThePlayers are united, you guys. #solidarity #unity #soliunidarity #enough

I suppose it’s not like it’s overly difficult to send out a couple jerseys – it makes more sense than turning your jersey inside out – it just seems a bit silly.

None of these public shows of unity, or claims that they “just want to play” matter for a damn thing. There’s a business deal to be done here, and it feels like both sides (mostly the NHLPA) are more concerned with the PR battle. Get in a room and get to work, please.

(Really, a Twitter hashtag? That’ll solve everything.)



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  1. Agree with you on the Twitter hashtag thing. Maybe they’ll sign an online petition too. That’ll show ‘em.

  2. Should have taped up the Canes logo on his pants too. That’ll show ‘em!

  3. Just say no to twitter hashtags.


  4. And they’re sticking it to Reebok by using Warrior branded jerseys.

  5. I thought they were locked out of arenas?

  6. Yes, just get in a room and get to work. And since the owners refuse to meet with you, well, it can’t be that hard to kidnap someone, right? Fuk da police!

  7. Cane Player: “These jerseys signify our solidarity and willing to fight this battle months and months, Mr. Karamanos. Oh and where do we send the check for renting this arena from you?”


  8. “Mostly the NHLPA” I disagree with this – I think both sides are all about PR in equal amounts.

  9. You people are all idiots. Are “#theplayers” just supposed to be quiet about getting the shaft? Just let it happen? Obviously no one here has ever been on a team or had to fight for something, get a clue. Oh, and does that look like an NHL arena? They are obviously playing at a practice rink, anyone can go out and buy some ice time…

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