One of the best Twitter feeds going these days is that of Sports Illustrated’s Andy Gray. His feed uses the handle “@SI_Vault,” and he has access to all the amazing pictures the magazine (and now website) has taken over the years. Truly a must follow.

Yesterday he led with this tweet, and I was PUMPED:

Oh god that’s a scary photo.

And predictably, he came through in a big way. The following tweets and pictures are what he shared yesterday, and obviously, property of Sports Illustrated. I just provide a little commentary.

Kay, yeah, I’d say that qualifies as an understatement. Still, the perception is thrown juuust a bit off by standing between Mike Comrie (listed at 5’10″ – definitely shorter than that) and Danny Briere (listed at 5’10″ – that’s not even trying to be honest).

Also worth noting: people have gotten better at photoshopping pictures.

Okay this…this I don’t get. Detroit fans are…octopi?

Man, how awesome did the players of yesteryear dress? I can’t imagine the process of going through your dresser and being like “Yup, it’s sharp button-up thin sweater time.” I just don’t attend many events that require such garb these days.

This tweet made me feel old, because that picture officially looks retro, and I remember that series vividly. I do not, however, remember Patrick Roy and Ed Helms kissing during the photo op.

Mats Sundin in a Quebec Nordiques jersey: awesome. Elbowing a dude in the face: double awesome. Do you remember how amazing that Nordiques roster was prior to moving to Denver and winning the Cup? Check it out. Just Wendel Clark, Adam Deadmarsh, Peter Forsberg, Owen Nolan, Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin…crazy.

Rico Suave, geez. Great flow. And next, the first of my two favourite pictures of the day:

I mean, Instagram can go cry itself to sleep somewhere. No filter can make a picture look that good. How freaking classic is that? And how rad it is that the (helmet-less) tender is out at the bottom of the circles cutting down the angle? I want one of each of those jerseys, authentic.

Even Avs fans have to see that pic and think “that was awesome.” I’m gonna say that might be the most intense playoff series I’ve ever seen. Just sheer hatred.


Oh, Paulina, how adorable. How quickly they grow up (NSFW-ish. She tweeted this out a couple months back).

And now, for my other favourite pic of the day:

How amazing are these old-school shots? I feel like they played on glass, in the dark, with a minimum required amount of hair gel per player.

  Big, indeed.

Sad stuff. He won’t be forgotten by the hockey community.

Awesome. That character won’t be forgotten either.

Okay, Canadians (and northern US folk, I ‘spose): honestly, did you ever own that exact jacket? (Biggie: “Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack, with the hat to match”). I probably owned the red and black three times (kids grow), and had it in other colours too. We camped a lot growing up – those were mandatory.

  Goalies: you should probably invent masks soon.

He snuck this one in (which I’m grateful for), so I thought I’d do the same. Hi Nina, I’m Justin.

This mullet is a party in the front, a full-on riot in the back.

Hall and Eberle will look back at this pic and laugh someday, not because of the girls, but because they look 10 years old, and are having themselves a little pre-game ham-sesh. “We’re such good buddies!”

Man. Old-school bathing suits were the best.


Got a particular hockey photo that you love? Share it in the comments if you do.