Recently Reddit Hockey ran the above video (created by “hockeysemin“), called The King of Steals. We all know Pavel Datsyuk is a tremendous all-around player, but seeing the sheer number of times he lifts the puck from opponents is a sight to behold.

I wrote a bit about the pleasure of a good stick lift yesterday – this guy has turned it into art.

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  1. Good lord the guy has such vision on the ice it’s unbelievable.

  2. I hate him and those like him with a passion. Somehow the puck always, alyways, always ends up on their stick! They poke and they lift sticks and the puck always squirts away in the right direction at just the right speed for them to gain control. Me, if I get a piece of it, it goes directly to an opposing player and I’m headed the wrong way… crap.

  3. One of my favorite Datsyuk highlights – he no stick kick pass.

  4. Fucking incredible. He seems fond of a hard lift near the butt end of the stick, then a quick switch to the puck side for the easy lift as the opponent instinctually looks over his off hand shoulder.

  5. The steal and subsequent goal at about 1:40 of this video is just sick. Have you ever tried to steal the puck from someone by ripping around the net to catch another player? It is just about impossible…for me anyway. Incredible hands and footwork…

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