…Well you should, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.

The above picture is Rick Nash and Joe Thornton wearing the jersey of their new team in Switzerland (Davos), or possibly them wearing sticky blue jumpsuits after rolling in Legos. What an honour it must’ve been to pull on that jersey for the first time. The Mario Brothers castle eating two sheaths of wheat on the pants is pretty easily the coolest part.

…But seriously, someone set fire to those things.

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  1. They are wearing their NHL gloves hahah

    • Gloves are you gloves man, you can’t just put a new pair on and be great with them right away.

  2. Im not a big fan of advertisements on jerseys, but those jerseys would be pretty fugly even without any ads.

  3. Do the fans wear those jerseys with all the ads?

  4. I don’t want them, but hopefully they’d be designed as elegantly as most soccer jerseys.

  5. Rick Nash and Joe Thornton joined NASCAR?

  6. its like a fourth grader’s collage

  7. If they’re gonna put ads on a uniform, they should at least incorporate them into the design of the jersey instead of just pasting them over the design elements. Ya know, use the negative space a little bit better. That being said, it turns the phrase, “rooting for the name on the front of the jersey, and not the name on the back” on it’s head.

  8. Interesting contrast between NA and Euro sports fans, here people bitch about the massive amounts of commercial breaks and whatnot during games and back stateside everyone goes nuts over jersey ads.
    Personally, I get way more annoyed with the same shitty geico commercials running over and over and over and over again. I think the uggo jerseys are way easier to ignore.

    • That’s a good point. The difference is, we can fast-forward our adverts; if they’re all over the jerseys then we’re up the creek. It’s bad enough having all that crap on the boards, up to and including bright animated boards.

      I really think hockey should take a cue from baseball on this… they have those spaces with ads filled in for the broadcast, like a green screen, but in person it’s just a blank spot. I don’t think the boards should be green, and the fast motion of the camera presents a challenge, but I’m sure somebody smart can figure something out. Hell, I’ve seen broadcast ads put up on the tall glass behind the goalies in exactly this fashion, the white board space can’t be that hard.

      • you sure they do this in baseball? ball parks are plastered with ads.

        • I’m thinking of behind the plate. Those seem to change every inning or half-inning, and are occasionally blank. Yes, the rest of the ballpark has many ads, especially the scoreboards, but it’s not nearly as intrusive. The dasher ads in a hockey rink are in every shot.

  9. Well, i’ve gotten used to them, and really, no ones complaining here anymore! The problem is, since teams mostly aren’t owned by anybody, a huge part of their budget comes from sponsors and they want to see themselves represented somewhere!

    I like the NHL ones better as well, but I understand the reasoning behind it!

    Though some teams get it done a little better than that:

  10. Unfortunately such is the nature of a lot of European leagues, struggling for funding so trying to make an extra thousand or so by auctioning a section of the uniform…

  11. not against ads, but only if they’re kept to a minimum like they are in most soccer leagues(top flight), one company and one only. these things are ridiculous, but if it makes tickets cheaper then fuck yeah, but I imagine they don’t sell too many jerseys.

    • there is no way they would lower ticket prices. the whole point of the jersey adds is to maximize revenue.

  12. A) Maybe if the NHL whore’d themselves out to sponsors these guys wouldn’t have to play overseas B) The castle is the logo for one of the largest swiss beer companies. c) they both played for the same team during the last lockout…….nothing new

  13. “…But seriously, someone set fire to those things.”

    You mean like Thornton’s jersey in this picture: http://slapshot.ch.sportalsports.com/photos/ch/12/08/6a4a273f491a72ff1a7bc857b8ae489d.jpg?

    More information: http://www.goironpigs.com/?p=16996

    (Actually the Davos jerseys aren’t that bad if you compare them with some of the most horrendous ones. Like the one Janne Niinimaa wore for Kärpät during the last lockout: http://www.junnut.com/kausi0203/kuvat/190405Ka_torilla/P4198176_.jpg)

  14. I can guarantee you that if they put any ads on an NHL hockey sweater I will never buy one. I’d prefer it if they tattooed them on to the player’s faces.

    • I think you’re onto something! How about those removable tattoo decals? Or maybe Archie McPhee-like bandaids with cupcakes, bacon and pickles on them but also with corporate logos/slogans? With all the extreme-angled TV close-ups and isocams, I think it would be easier for companies to get their message across if they made players wear corporate bandaids on their faces or removable facial tattoos. Like Harry, the Guy With The Snake On His Face. ;)

      I asked Logan Couture via Twitter what he thought of wearing Serviette’s (yes, I call them Serviette even though I know it’s mean and tasteless) ad-emblazoned jersey – what he thought of ads on jerseys just generally. He was more interested in tweeting about the finer points of Swiss chocolate…

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