It finally happened! Nail Yakupov has got off the proverbial schneid — proverbial because he wasn’t on one in the first place — and netted his first ever KHL goal. The style points are definitely lacking, but they all count the same.

Sergei Bobrovsky allowed the goal so insert your totally obvious and wholly unoriginal “Columbus Blue Jackets players aren’t even good in the KHL” line here.

Here’s to the first of many. Somewhere.

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  1. Well, he certainly seemed excited about it!

  2. Looks like it deflects in off #26 so he shouldn’t get credit for the goal.

  3. I skimmed the post, but oh man Columbus Blue Jackets players aren’t even good in the KHL am I right?… now to go back and read the rest of the article.

  4. You skimmed 3 lines of text?

  5. The author could have also mentioned that Yakupov scored a second goal in this game and two more shootout goals.

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