As of today, ex-New York Ranger Ryan Hollweg has participated in 238 career NHL games, and 268 AHL contests. He’s made his living as a buzzsaw, a pest, as a guy who “plays on the edge.” He occasionally falls on the wrong side of that edge, as attested by his 349 penalty minutes in the NHL, and 627 PIMS in the A (he racked up 239 in one AHL season).

One thing you will note, is that the majority of those games mentioned above (read: all) have been played in North America.

After spending his 2011-2012 season in the AHL (Portland Pirates), and with the lockout looming, Hollweg decided to give the other side of the pond a go, and found himself playing in HC Škoda Plzeň of Czech Extraliga, the premier league of the Czech Republic.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the European hockey leagues have less tolerance for cheap (er, feisty), dirty (um, aggressive), violent (yeah) play.

After three games, Ryan Hollweg has racked up 91 penalty minutes, and has already been suspended for six games, thanks to this cheap post-whistle sucker punch on Ronald Petrovicky, as shared by Matias Strozyk, the News Editor for Jatkoaika. (…Yeah I don’t know what that is either, but if you’re into following NHLers in Europe, he’s a good follow.)

On a lighter note, Ryan Hollweg really likes music.

(Seriously, he likes music.)

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  1. 6 games? For that? He barely touched him!

  2. Incident aside, we need to have the ref mic’d up for live consumption in NHL games. I couldn’t understand a word the officials were saying in that video but it was still interesting to hear the discussion.

  3. Pretty awesome arena atmosphere… Probably makes it better that I have no idea what they’re chanting about.

  4. 6 games!?!?! That’s not even 2 minutes in my men’s league

  5. Does it really matter what that would be for a penalty/suspention on this side of the ocean? Everyone (other than Hallweg apparently) has known for decades that refereeing and the rules are held to a different standard than in North America. You come to my house, you follow my rules, or don’t come to my house.

  6. I am shocked that they haven’t sold sponsorship on the back of the referees helmet yet. There was at least 4-5 square inches they could have put an add on.

    Honestly, some of the leagues (Sweden, Finland, this league here) have way too many adds on the jerseys. I can understand one or two, but to look like a NASCAR drivers fire suit is ridiculous. How much money are companies paying to get their logo on the leg of a player or referee? Do they get a good return on investment for it?

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