(Personal opinion: kind of a jerk move to juke a teammate who wants to celly with you to have your own little skate. But for the purpose of this post, I’ll let that slide.)

Allow me to submit the nickname “Austin ABSURD-ia” for your review. The above goal was scored by the gent in the headline, a 19 year-old who took the BCHL’s “Player of the Week” honours with four goals and five points in two games over the weekend.

This should be a fun off-season game to play with junior and Euro hockey: Praise (for the goal scorer) or Shame (for the D and/or goalie)?

Reasons for praise: Absurdia, with under six seconds to go, shows patience in passing up a long shot to try to dangle one-on-two, succeeds, then buries one under the bar on the tender, winning the game for the Langley Rivermen (Rivermen? What happened to the Hornets? Chiefs?) with 0.3 seconds left on the clock.

Whatever the overall decision, he deserves love for that fantaculous, miraculous last second goal.

Reasons for shame: Good lord, it was a one-on-two in the dying seconds and a kid got walked, bad. Absurdia barely got touched. And tender, it’s literally the last second – he has no option but to shoot. When a guy can’t deke, get yourself square, will ya?


Getting roasted one-on-two is terrible. Getting roasted on that situation in the dying seconds is worse. But not noting that the Rivermen went D-to-D, Absurdia provided support, then single-handedly won the game for his team would be a major faux pas.

Your first ever episode of Praise or Shame concludes with a resounding:


…for Austin Azurdia.

But more importantly, praise for the commentator. That guy could run for mayor.

(Stick-tap to Sean Leahy and Jimmy Traina)

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  1. Shame on that defenseman. 3 seconds left in the game. There should be no way that guy gets around you.

  2. I’m shocked….that you didn’t mention gap control once in that article.

    • Haha, I know, I’m getting soft. That’s the late game “better stay back, better than getting caught pinching” D that highlights just how important gap control is.

  3. What was the 2nd Dman doing? The one Dman I can’t blame because sometimes you just get undressed but the other dman was off in lala land. Overall though thats a pretty impressive goal.

  4. Gotta go with shame. Obviously great skill involved, but c’mon. Defense, just watch the belly and get in his way. And while the goalie certainy did not expect his defense to get so egregiously rolled up and smoked, he’s gotta get himself square and challenge.

    And oh yeah, gap control was brutal too. Yuck.

  5. The greatest call in the BCHL so far this season, maybe even for many years.

    As for the Langley Hornets (I remember them too) and the Chiefs went back to Chilliwack once the WHL hit town, before birthing the new franchise in the last few (last??) seasons.

    Enjoyed the piece, love the BCHL props. Hope to see more of it!

  6. haha. The 1st D just gives up on the play after Azurdia leaves his lane.

    “Oh hey he’s driving my lane… wait, no. He just shifted a few feet the left. I’ll let the other guy get him”.

  7. Sick move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Get over yourself it was a great play by a Texan !

  9. The Langley Rivermen are fun to watch. Azurdia is great and that’s a fantastic goal, but the guy who really impresses me is Mario Pukarich. I saw him score one of the nicest goals I have ever seen live during their home opener. It’s the second goal in this highlight package: http://youtu.be/wr6FmPKbtzg

  10. Were those the blue jacket’s 3rds?

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