No seriously, what in the name of nightmare fuel is that?

The above picture came in a David Booth tweet along with the words:

“There’s only one trophy in the world harder to get than this… And I’m getting that next.”

Did David Booth just threaten us? I think David Booth just threatened us.

This “killing alive things” game Booth likes to play didn’t exactly start today, if you recall. Booth has a bit of a history as a hunter.

The latest kill-and-tweet prompted Roberto Luongo to respond “Okay, now you’re just making up animals.”

Seriously dude. What is that.

Some ideas:

  • A Polar Ram
  •  A Ramlar Bear
  •  A Yaklebeast
  •  A Yeti
  •  A Yeti’s pet
  •  The Abominable Snow Goat
  •  A four-legged Appalachian Fearsquatch
  •  The Two-Horned Winterthreat
  •  A Hateful Flying Ram
  •  A Photoshop

Or most likely, as Greg Wyshynski noticed…

Yeah. Yeah I thought I knew that thing from somewhere.


Still don’t know what it is (kinda don’t wanna – probably just a mountain goat, but can that really be the second hardest game in the world to kill?), but one is on the cover of an old “Goatsnake” album called “Trampled Under Hoof.” Stick-tap to @dalke for that.

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  1. His vegetarian fan-base?

  2. I like the inclusion of “A Yeti’s Pet”

  3. Likely referring to the Stanley Cup?

    • Ahhh, I dunno…I prefer to think he’s hinting at murder.

      • That makes more sense ; )

        It’s a bit of an awkward marriage really. He plays in a city that not only is an incredibly intense hockey market, but Vancouver is also the birthplace of Greenpeace and we have very big animal rights and vegetarian communities. So his hunting doesn’t sit all that well with alot of fans, especially since he tweets photos of the kills.

  4. Ahhh, the four-legged Appalachian Fearsquatch the most elusive of the fearsquatches

  5. Agree that he is referring to Stanley Cup.. Still trying to figure out what that is, did Booth get to go to Jurrasic Park?

  6. I think David Booth just shot my ex… she seems to have taken the break up rather poorly… still I’d recognize those horns anywhere

  7. Getting on the hard-to-kill list probably has more to do with its high-altitude habitats, which reach elevations of 13,000 feet (4,000 m), plus – horns and hooves, so don’t miss.

  8. Can’t resist… must give a legit answer.
    That is a massive mountain goat. They’re hard to kill because you usually have to hike 20 km into high mountain backcountry and they won’t hang around like elk in Banff. Packing that beast out must have been hell.

    • Wow, that is awesome. To me the most amazing part is he shot it with a bow! How on earth did he do it?

      • Perhaps more amazing, he’s out with an injured groin… Hiking and packing a mountain goat prob isn’t part of the rehab plan

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, your All-American, bullet-headed, Saxon mother’s son….

    All the children sing!

  10. As a hunter myself….this is pretty impresive. Depending on how he hunted it (and I want to believe he did it “right”)….that’s a tough job to bring that down. High altitude. Steep hills (look in the background…that’s where they live) and sometimes you can be up there for a week or more. Then to top it off…he was hunting with a bow? So the shot was probably inside 60yards. This is one “I did it!” type photo that I’d be proud of too. Wow.

  11. If David Booth can hunt beastly mountain goats like that, why can’t he hunt Zdeno Chara? After all, both animals look similar. ;)

  12. Probably not to far from your home town…guessing somewhere between Spences Bridge and Williams Lake for this one.

    Oreamnos Americanus is an elusive creature.

  13. way to go david !!! so impressive that you can get out there and kill things for uh fun of it ??!!. ever create anything? wonder if you have thought about whether that animal was a mother, an intrinsic part of its society?

    maybe next year year you could work on your aim with a hockey stick in your hands. 4.5 MIL for 30 pts in 62 games?

    • Really, a hunting debate on a hockey website?

      Yes, the goat was president of its community. I’m sure they will come apart at the seams after this news…

  14. That is the Chupacabra. No wonder they couldn’t find it in Puerto Rico. How the hell did it get all the way up there?

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