No seriously, what in the name of nightmare fuel is that?

The above picture came in a David Booth tweet along with the words:

“There’s only one trophy in the world harder to get than this… And I’m getting that next.”

Did David Booth just threaten us? I think David Booth just threatened us.

This “killing alive things” game Booth likes to play didn’t exactly start today, if you recall. Booth has a bit of a history as a hunter.

The latest kill-and-tweet prompted Roberto Luongo to respond “Okay, now you’re just making up animals.”

Seriously dude. What is that.

Some ideas:

  • A Polar Ram
  •  A Ramlar Bear
  •  A Yaklebeast
  •  A Yeti
  •  A Yeti’s pet
  •  The Abominable Snow Goat
  •  A four-legged Appalachian Fearsquatch
  •  The Two-Horned Winterthreat
  •  A Hateful Flying Ram
  •  A Photoshop

Or most likely, as Greg Wyshynski noticed…

Yeah. Yeah I thought I knew that thing from somewhere.


Still don’t know what it is (kinda don’t wanna – probably just a mountain goat, but can that really be the second hardest game in the world to kill?), but one is on the cover of an old “Goatsnake” album called “Trampled Under Hoof.” Stick-tap to @dalke for that.