Today I discovered and immediately followed @HockeyPets on Twitter, because as those who follow my feed know, I’m an unabashed lover of animals. Most people assume it’s just cats, given that I tweet about them constantly, but no-no, friends: animals. Those are my boys above, helping me work.

@HockeyPets is the short for for their excellent Tumblr, Hockey Players with Pets (and other animals). And hey, don’t know if this made it across your desk yet, but the NHL has locked out the players, so you’re going to  need some distraction now and again.

I perused the site for as long as it’s acceptable to at work and came up with the 10 most notable pics for us to discuss, but if you want more (and you will), seriously, check out the site. You know what they say, “Animals are way awesomer than humans.” ”They” talk funny.

First, I should note that I love Bulldogs. My wife won’t let me get one because you “have to clean their wrinkles” and they’re “health nightmares” and are “mostly unable to do anything,” so I admire them from afar. Leading off the Bulldog section is…

Carlo Coliacovo:

Mawwww. Coupla good looking pooches there. So elegant, so proud, so distinguished. I just wanna scritch their wrinkles until my hand smells.

Jake Dowell:

Great stance. The dog looks embarrassed to be seen with a guy rocking a “POP LOCK AND DROP IT” t-shirt. Understandable.

Brad Marchand:

My god, I hate that dog for making me hate Brad Marchand less. I bet that thing’s melon weighs more than a bowling ball. I also bet he’s 200 in dog years, and was just woken up from a nine hour nap.

Jonathan Blum:

Damn, Blum, that’s one sexy dog. You know what they say about long-haired Alaskan dogs: ideally, they’re at their most comfortable when living in Tennessee. That dog makes me think of Bryzgalov’s husky speech in 24/7 and completely change my stance. You’re right, Ilya. Husky is like beautiful woman.

Nail Yakupov:

AHHHH IT’S HEAD EXPLODEDoh hold on wait, that’s hair. This is Nail Yakupoviest dog that Nail has ever Yakupov’d. If you asked me to pick one dog on Earth that belonged to him, I would have picked that dog. I do not know why.

Nathan Gerbe:

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit. #1 cutest dog of all-time award. Cancel the Westminster Dog Show until it dies, which if there’s any justice in the world, it won’t. Bernese Mountain Dog, I believe?

Bobby Ryan:

Bobby Ryan has a pretty unique type of cat called “American Curl.” They’ve got funky little ears, as you can see in the below video. (We have a Ragdoll, and a Scottish Fold whose ears didn’t fold, so we got him for $75 instead of $600. That info you totally needed, I know.) But this is a cute pic. Just a coupla buddies on the couch.

Patrick Sharpe:

I love hounds almost as much as I love Bulldogs. Actually, I do love them that much. Just good ‘ol boys, aren’t they? I want to go for a Guiness with Patrick Sharpe’s buddy there.

Alex Steen:

Yessss, a Great Dane. By all accounts, amazing pets. The wife’s family has massive Newfoundlands, and I gotta say, it’s given me big dog fever. Nothing like having an affectionate horse-bear-beast for a buddy.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, here’s a fantastic shot of Rich Sutter and his dog.

Rich Sutter:

Nevermind, upon further review, it’s not a dog. Someone call the authorities. Rich Sutter murdered Alf.