One of the greatest conversations a player can have with the GM and/or coach of a hockey team is the one where you get called into the office – maybe it’s after practice, maybe before – sat down, and told the good news: you’ve got the green light to find permanent housing. Obviously you’re going to be sticking around for awhile.

You never know what’s about to happen when you get called in there, and as a general rule, it’s usually not to get positive news. To get it, then, makes the moment doubly amazing.

Just a hunch here, but I’m guessing Adam Henrique and NHL friends didn’t quite feel the elation others have when getting that news from their team GMs today. …Obviously they’re going to be sticking around for awhile.

Today David Shoalt’s of The Globe & Mail shared the following news about NHLers gearing up for a season in the AHL this year:

Among the players told to secure housing were Devils defenceman Adam Larsson and forwards Jacob Josefson, Adam Henrique and Mattias Tedenby, who all played in the NHL last season. The four players, who are still on NHL entry-level contracts and thus qualify to play in the AHL, are with the Albany Devils.

The roster of the Blue Jackets’ AHL farm team, the Springfield Falcons, includes forwards Ryan Johansen, Cody Bass, Cam Atkinson and Ryan Russell and defencemen Cody Goloubef, John Moore and David Savard, who all spent significant time in the NHL with the Blue Jackets last season.


It’d be one thing if it were just the Blue Jackets players, as odd as that is to say. We’d be able to say “Meh, what do the Jackets know, they’ve been wrong plenty before.” But few humans are as plugged in as Lou Lamoriello, so for his organization to have their players get settled in…man. It’s really disheartening.

I have no sunny words for this news. I know what “permanent housing” means, and I’m guessing you do too.

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  1. See ya next season, NHL!

  2. Maybe this is just a really brilliant negotiating tactic? Have every team tell their NHLers in the AHL to find permanent housing, would be telling a decent portion of the NHLPA membership that they will not be making very much $$ this season. Could send all those kids thinking they were in the AHL for a few weeks or months into a panic and start to break down some of that solidarity we keep hearing about.

    • I could see that being a tactic, but then I’d assume we’d hear about all of the teams doing it at once, not just a couple. Probably bad news.

      Bourne, in the ECHL the teams provide housing for the players. Is it the players responsibility in the AHL?

  3. Bruins are raffling off a chance to have “your youth hockey team” coached by Claude Julien this winter. Season is toast.

  4. A week ago on the panel you picked November 15th as a date for the end of the lockout and I totally agreed but for some reason today, I think its going to get worse and like you said, if Lou Lamoriello tells those players to get permanent housing, it does not bode well for a season at all.

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