Big KHL fan

Fully saturated on stories about the latest CBA proposal from the owners, I set out to do something different: find a hockey highlight or two to remember why I follow this damn sport to begin with.

Naturally, I headed immediately to the website of the best league in the world right now (gag), the KHL. One would assume the World’s Best League would have a pretty rad website too. Yes, RAD. Speaking of, yesterday I stumbled across Alexander Radulov, but today’s find was even better.

“KHL TV” brought me to this page:

Which one of these is not like the other…

God damn do I love using the “translate to English” button on the KHL’s site. It’s basically a parody of a Russian accent, as if @shorcov were re-writing the text.

But in this case, it wasn’t just that. A kitty cat? Vote for NHL TV? A kitty cat I’ve seen several times on the internet wanting me to vote for NHL TV? What could that KHL link possibly lead me to?

I love that they’re sticking with the cat as the featured image here. No story relation.

Favourite phrases from the text include: “…make a contribution to the victory of our channel in the struggle for national prize for satellite, cable and Internet TV “Golden Ray” (how Cold War sounding), and “Warning: paid service, its cost – 4 rubles. But there is no doubt love of hockey in general and television in particular, CHL allows you to safely survive the loss! Together we win!” You too, can safely survive the loss.

But seriously, the cat. How do they come to agree on that picture.

“Vat do peepull like, comrade?”

“I sink you know wat.”

I sink I’m becoming a KHL fan.