Michael Bublé is a pretty swell guy. And actually, I think he’d like being described that way – it fits the nomenclature of a guy who frequently gets referred to as a “crooner.” I bet he’d think that description is just peachy-keen, you betcha. Let’s all go to the malt shop!

Another thing Michael Bublé is, is an established hockey fan. He’s made plenty of appearances at NHL events, has been outed as a Canucks fan, and once even joined the team for a practice.


His pro-puck reputation got him the call from Kevin Bieksa when it was time to fill out the lineup card for the “Bieksa’s Buddies” charity game the Canucks’ blueliner put together, a contest that pitted a Canucks-heavy crew of NHLers against the UBC Thunderbirds.

The money raised was donated to Bieksa’s three charities of choice: The Canucks Autism Network, Canucks Family Education Centre and Canuck Place hospice. His goal was to raise 100,000 dollars in ticket sales (tickets were $20 a pop, and sold out in 20 minutes), but Bublé matched that total out of his own pocket to bring the grand total up to 200k.

From The Province:

“I’m lucky to be in the position I’m in to do this and was just thrilled that Kevin would even think to involve me in all of this,” said Buble. “I asked him how much he hoped to raise and he said 100 grand — I said let’s make it 200.”

Bublé was actually supposed to play in the event, but couldn’t be coaxed into it – frankly, from what I know of Bublé’s abilities (see above video) and what I know of a competitive college team trying to take it to some NHLers who, in turn, will get competitive, is that he did the right thing by staying out of the way.

From the Vancouver Sun:

“Honestly I wanted to play but I think I wimped out a bit,” said a sheepish Bublé. “Nerves got the best of me. But I’m glad I didn’t. It was fast, even faster than a lot of the boys actually thought it would be. If this was my only chance to watch NHL hockey this year, I surely didn’t want to mess it up.”

The final proof anyone needs for the “Michael Bublé is a pretty swell guy” argument came in a simple quote he gave reporters. In what could only be described as the hockey fan-iest quote of all hockey fans, he summed up most of our feelings these days.

“I’m not the biggest fan of the owners and lockout itself but, honestly, it’s hockey and I’ll take what I can get.”

Yup. We’re in this together, Boobs (can I call you Boobs? No? Kay, sorry, never again). We’re in this together.

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  1. There was meant to be two other celebrities in the game: Taylor Kitsch, who actually played some Junior A hockey and was pretty good, and Jason Priestley. When they had to pull out, I think Buble got nervous about being the only non-athlete in the game. My favourite quote of his from the media scrum (I was lucky enough to score a press pass) was his reason for not playing:

    “It’s lower body…it’s actually most of my lower body and also upper body which didn’t allow me to play.”

    He said later on that “I think those UBC boys would have kicked my butt,” and he’s probably right, though Kevin Bieksa’s brother, Marty, didn’t even wear shoulder pads and was a questionable skater, but still managed a goal (while playing with the Sedins) and didn’t look too out of place. I think Buble would have been okay.

    • And Martin Nash (former MLS soccer player, Malhotra’s brother-in-law) also played and he wasn’t good (whiffed passes, missing the net routinely). They should have at least poppped him in for the shootout. And forced The Canadian Tenors (also attended) to be goalies. : )

  2. Bublé is also part owner (along with Gordie Howe) of the WHL Vancouver Giants.

    Check this video of ‘Boobs’ Practicing with the Nottingham Panthers of the EIHL on a recent tour to the UK.
    Sick deke!


  3. Heh… Boobs…

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