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The most important people in the hockey insider world were on hand in Toronto to hear the latest news on the CBA negotiations. If you didn’t have the day to sit in front of your Twitter feed and study the important tidbits as they rolled out, I’ve got you covered. My analysis at the bottom.


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The news from the NHL and NHLPA meetings today was never likely to be “Boom, we totally agree.” If there is indeed a deadline – and it appears that somewhere around next Friday would be it – both sides will likely push for all they can until the 11th hour.

My take on the NHLPA’s three offers that Bettman apparently deems to be crappy is that the NHLPA liked the owners latest offer. They know that they can work off it, and in the worst case scenario, accept something close to it.

But with there still being time on the clock, Fehr is obligated to get the very best deal he can for the players. He might as well make a borderline offensive offer, and as they move closer to the deadline, they can move closer to the NHL’s numbers. Look like they’re finally caving a little, y’know? And just in time!

A week to negotiate isn’t exactly a ton of time, but I feel like we’re just seeing more of what could be expected – the NHL has to act offended (as do the players) until it’s time to put pen to paper. I remain optimistic, as ridiculous as that may be.