Three-time Stanley Cup champion Mathieu Dandenault fired out the above tweet this afternoon, expressly claiming that the NHLPA is offering the NHL four different proposals to choose from, each one with a revenue split of 50/50.

If true, that’s a pretty sharp PR turn from the union. Basically, now they have the upper hand with the “Hey, if they can’t choose at least one of our offers, this is on them, not us” angle.

I have to believe that, much like the way the owners used the initial lowball offer so they could get the players thinking “wow, compared to the initial offer, this looks pretty good,” that at least one or two of the offers is considerably better than the others.

That way, you set up the whole “Heyyy, this looks pretty good” moment for the owners. We’ll find out soon enough. They’re meeting as I write this.


From David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period: Of the 4 proposals being presented to the NHL by the NHLPA, all include a gradual step towards 50/50 split. Year 1 starts around 54/46.

From McKenzie:

 * Confirmed by Pierre Lebrun as well – three offers.

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  1. I can’t wait until the NHL comes back with 6 offers.

  2. Three crap offers don’t add up to one good one, from the sounds of it. The players are still desperately trying to cling onto the idea that they’re going to get a better deal than 50 / 50, but they’re now officially losing the PR war.

    Hearing Steckel trying to argue his side’s case on the FAN while sounding like a high schooler trying to present a term paper was hilariously awful.

  3. In what world is a 54/46 offer in the first year a 50/50 split? Unless the last year of the offer is 46/54, this sounds scummy.

    • The owners should have known the players were never going to accept something that had 20% escrow in year one. I don’t think a 2 year step down to 50/50 is unreasonable at all( if that is indeed what it was).

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